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6 years ago#1
I'm starting to have a harder time dealing with bosses in Chapter 12+. Can anyone give me characters and paradigm set-ups that can help deal with the bosses?
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6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
What boss?

Usually at that point of the storyline stick with Fang/Lightning + Vanille/Hope + Sazh

You pretty much need Sazh for his haste, enfires and enthunders, Hope has Haste but he gets it pretty late in the game.

Roles (In order as above)
Com/Sab/Syn (Vanille only)
Rav/Rav/Rav (Lightning only)
Med/Med/Sab (Lightning only)
Sab/Sab/Syn (Fang only)

Imperil+En(element)+Deshell works wonders in this team, you'll break everything you encounter in no time, then switch to Com/Rav/Rav

What you do is start off with Com/Sab/Syn (Vanille) or Com/Syn/Syn (Hope) and wait for buffs, if the going gets bad, Com/Med/Syn buys time for the rest of the buffs. Sab/Sab/Syn is an extremely offensive Fang-only combination, Fang provides Slow, which means if your party is hasted you take 4 actions while the enemy would take 1. For Lightning however, you can have an additional Med/Med/Sab(or anything you fancy) for Light's Curas.
6 years ago#4

For now I am about to face the Protoclud the first time, but I know I have to face it a second time, so I would be helpful to have advice.
Gamertag: WraxendGamer
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