Is there a warp to Orphan's cradle?

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6 years ago#1
I warped back to pule to do some cie;th stone missions now im wondering if i can warp back to orphans cradle to continue the story or do i have to run all the way back from oerba-village proper? That would be the closest tele i have access to.
6 years ago#2
Yes, you can use the same warp again to get back.
6 years ago#3
Port to the base camp area, where you first enter Gran Pulse and there is a floating glyph next to the Cieth Stone. This will port you back to the cradle.
6 years ago#4
Thank you ^^
6 years ago#5

With this same line of idea, when I'm in Orphan's cradle...I guess the final boss is near. So, do I have to complete all the missions before going further or once I beat the final boss it's done?

I'm actually there and I wanna see how this game is going to end really bad but at the same time, I can wait a bit and go do all the quests before ending this.


6 years ago#6
You can save whatever sidequests that you want for after you beat the game.
Once you beat it, you can also keep going back to the end and try to get the Superstar achievement.
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6 years ago#7
You can go back and finish the missions after you beat the final boss. In fact ti is a good idea to do so as you open up the next tier of the crystallarium and get a useful accessory. Some of the top level hunts are very tough!
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  3. Is there a warp to Orphan's cradle?

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