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3 years ago#1
After seeing 50+ pages of topics involving Chapter 11, I decided to compile a list of the suggestions that seemed most helpful.

1) I'm using Lightning, Fang and Hope, why aren't I winning?

While the best party for end-game seems to be Lightning, Fang, and Hope... a lot of people try to use them as soon as they get to Gran Pulse. However, a better party until you get the next upgrade(Stage 9) to your Crystarium would be:

------------------ (Default) / (Chaining) / (Healing)
Lightning -- Commando / Commando / Medic
Vanille ---- Saboteur / Ravager / Medic
Sazh ------- Synergist / Ravager / Commando(or Synergist)

Use the default setup to start most fights(for the buffs and de-buffs), then switch over to the second setup, Com/Rav/Rav for some good chaining/damage. The third setup is if you really need to heal, and don't want to lose your chain.

2) Just got to Gran Pulse, where do I start?

The best place to grind for both CP and Materials for upgrading, would be in Mah'habara, which is in the Northwest section of the map, down a narrow trail. In here, follow the path until you get to a fork, then go left to the end. Fight all the Hoplites and Cryohedrons along the way. When you get to the end, walk towards the large iron gate and you'll enter a fight with a Juggernaut(which will promptly squash you). Simply pause and retry the battle, which will put you back in front of the gate, but with all the enemies in the cave respawned. Make your way back to the save point at the start of the cave, killing the enemies again. You should have gotten around 35000-40000 CP, and a few Bomb Core's / Solenoid's, which are both good for Upgrading with.

The fights are pretty easy with the above setup, and only the Cryohedrons using Self-Destruct should give you any trouble. At the most, the fights should take 20-30 seconds once you get the hang of it. In my opinion, this is a much faster/easier way than trying to kill the Behemoth Kings for only 4000 CP, and hardly any materials.

3) Should I do the missions?

Missions can get you some nice rewards, and you should do them if you don't favor grinding in one spot. When you complete one mission, you will (most of the time) find the next mission nearby. A small warning though... Pay attention to where you are going. If you simply go from one mission to the next, you may get lost trying to get back(even with the teleportation). If you really want to spend a lot of time before moving on, try to complete at least Mission 14, that way you can start Chocobo Digging, which will get you some really nice Gil rewards.

4) Which weapons should I upgrade?

Out of the weapons you should already have available, all these are good options:
Lightning - Axis Blade or Edged Carbine
Vanille - Belladonna Wand
Sazh - Procyons or Spica Defenders

I would only focus on these three characters for now, and I wouldn't take any of these weapons to Tier2 yet. Wait until post-game to do massive upgrading. If you still think you are lacking in power, upgrade some accessories instead. Warrior's Bracelet and Sorcerer's Mark are both good options, as well as Mithril Bangles if you can afford them. There are some other accessories that are more preferred, but these will be fine to get you started.

5) Yay! I have all jobs available, what should I work on first?

For now, just stick to the same three jobs that you have. The only things worth getting is Ruin(Commando) for Vanille, and Fire/Thunder(Ravager) for Fang. But, if you're not going to use Fang until later, you can pass on her Ravager abilities for now.

I hope this helps a lot of people, and if you have any other advice/suggestions that aren't mentioned here, feel free to add them.
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3 years ago#2
When should I get the growth egg

A.S.A.P. It's a tough fight, but it's well worth it to get it as soon as it's available. You can get it right after beating Ch.11's final boss, before moving on to Ch.12. Mission 55 is where it's at. The stone is in Oerba, on top of the building before the stairs. To open it, you need to do missions 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13 and 14.

How do I beat Neochu and its minions

Black belts are the key. Having 3 on each character, or two on each with one leveled up will do wonders for survivability. They're cheap, and you may have one or two already. Use a fortisol and aegisol before the fight. Have Vanille as your leader, and spam death on Neochu til it dies. This may take a few turns due to its low connect rate. You may need to retry if it takes too long. Always have a sentinel in the line-up. Never take out your sentinel until two or less of the little guys remain. Use sab/sen/med, switching to med/sen/med for healing emergencies until death sticks. After Neochu falls, use com/sen/med to kill them, switching to med/sen/med to heal. When down to two small fry's (fries?), use com/com/med to finish it off. Note:Rav can be used instead of com, but I prefer the former.

Where can I get money

You can farm Hope's house for incentive and credit chips early-ish if your so inclined. Soldiers here respawn indefinitely until you leave.

The next best place is Oerba. Inside a house, there's a small red robot called Bakhti who needs 5 items (all found in Oerba) to be repaired. Once found and returned, providing you have taken 10,000 steps from the moment you hit Gran Pulse, you'll recieve items to sell worth 450,000G.

Farming Adamantoises will net you Platinum Ingots that sell for 150,000G. These are a rare drop, and the RNG can be against you. If you don't get one after about 10 fights, reset and try again.

Sell anything that says "can be sold for a premium."

In very early Ch.13, there's a group of sacrifices that drop perfumes and scarletites. They respawn by walking away just a bit, and are easy to get a pre-emptive strike on. Farm them for your scarletite needs, and hopefully they drop perfumes as well. They can't be farmed soon after, so do it while you can.
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3 years ago#3
How do I get my weapon to the next tier?

You need to use a catalyst. Once you get a weapon/accessory to star, it requires a specific item to evolve it. Perovskite, cobaltite, mnar stone, scarletite, adamantite, uranite, trapozohedron, dark matter, etc. All can be found, bought or farmed except adamantite which must be bought, and only from R&D Depot which is found on a mission.

When should I upgrade?

You can tinker with it whenever with garbage components, but should hold off on the big stuff til Oerba. I personally suggest doing the Belladonna Wand as soon as you can. You can even evolve it early-ish. You get a uranite from a boss fight/treasure ball pre Ch.11, which is its catalyst. I do suggest saving ultracompact reactors and particle accellerators for the big stuff later b/c they're very good.

What are shrouds, and how do I get/use them?

Shrouds are auto-buffs in a canXD Fortisol, aegisol, deceptisol and ethersol. The first two give you all the buffs in the book including haste. Deceptisol allows you to automatically get a pre-emptive strike on the enemy, or simply sneak past them (which you shouldn't do). Ethersol instantly fills your TP.

You can get the first three free by farming the first room you control Vanille and Hope in early. Do it. The drop rate here is great, better that anywhere else, and the enemies are a cakewalk. The other alternative is buying them late. Trust me, you'll need your money for other things.

Use them outside battle by pressing the left bumper. Use as many as necessary, then enter battle.

Can I sell my weapons and accessories?

Don't. The money is paltry, and you can easily mess up the treasure hunter achievement by doing so.

What are components? Are they like loot from FF12?

No. They are used for upgrading weapons/accessories.

Is there an airship/can I go back to previous areas?

Yes and no to both. There are airships, but they're dungeons; not useable to fly around in.

You can't go back to previous areas pre Ch.11. Everything is permanantly closed off once you leave. In Ch.11, you can go from the beginning to the end as many times as you have the patience for (Ch.11 is huge, so I suggest doing missions to open teleporters), and can even revisit it in Ch.13. Ch.12 can be revisited also.

What weapons should I upgrade?

To add to the TC's advice:


Main game - Pandoran spear.
Post-game - Taming Pole or Dragoon Lance.





How do I beat the giant turtles?

See Arthellinus' toise farming guide in the Faqs section. It has stages for your particular progress. It also tells you what abilities/weapons/accessories you need and when. It's the perfect guide for this, and will have you taking them down even without summons in no time flat.
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3 years ago#5
When do I move on to the next Chapter?

Once you have attained everything on this checklist, it's safe to move on to the next chapter:

[ ] Growth Egg
[ ] Collector Catalog
[ ] Connoisseur Catalog
[ ] Missions 1-32, 55 Complete
[ ] 3x Sprint Shoes
[ ] 3x Aurora Scarf's
[ ] One Maxed Weapon for each character (tier one only)
[ ] R&D Depot (Shop)
[ ] Primary Jobs Lv.4 for all characters (Optional)

You can do more than this if you wish, but do at least this much
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3 years ago#6
How do I find out which missions I've done, and how many stars I got?

Pull up the map and hit X to check completed missions. You can also check the amount of stars you got by hitting over on the D-Pad.
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3 years ago#7
I just wrote a detailed entry on formulating effective paradigms and lost it because firefox crashed. You guys are on your own.
3 years ago#8
Any tips on upgrading? The system is confusing.

Don't worry, I have a bit of an explanation and an example for you. It may be overwhelming at first, because each character has so many weapons, but most are garbage. The only weapons you'll want to focus on are:

Light - Edged Carbine or Gladius, but mostly Edged Carbine.

Vanille - Belladonna Wand.

Fang - Pandoran Spear for the main game, and either the Taming Pole or Dragoon Lance for post-game.

Sazh - Rigels for blitz spamming, or Antares Deluxes for everything else.

Snow - Feymark.

Hope - Hawkeye.

With the exception of the Belladonna Wand, I wouldn't attempt anything major until Oerba in Ch.11. For the Belladonna Wand, use junk components; anything you found up to that point except ultracompact reactors or particle accelerators, which are very good and should be saved. Sell anything that says "can be sold for a premium."

Don't forget to get the multiplier to x3 before upgrading, or you'll be wasting many millions of gil more than is actually needed. Sturdy Bones, Barbed Tails or Vibrant Ooze all serve this purpose.

Things like vibrant ooze and otherworldy bone and the like (things from once "living" creatures), are used for increasing your exp multiplier. Things like spark plugs, superconductors and the like (machinery), are used to gain levels quickly, but reduce the multiplier. This makes it efficient to use the former and the latter in bulk, so you're not constantly raising the multiplier or taking forever in doing so.

For example: buy and use 36 vibrant ooze on the Belladonna Wand all at once to bring the multiplier to x3 instantly, then buy and use 15 perfect conductors on it to bring it to star (max tier 1). In one move, you got the multiplier up, and in a second maxed it using the perfect amount of materials. This means you spent just the right amount of gil and didn't waste any. It will grow stronger as you level it. Now, if you use a uranite (its catalyst), it'll go to tier 2. You now have to get it to star again, which will cost more materials than last time, and use a different catalyst (that slips my mind) to hit tier 3. Each tier, its power will decrease a bit, but it will eventually end up stronger. Each weapon/accessory group will use a different catalyst; uranite, cobaltite, adamantite, mnar stone, trapozohedron, scarletite, perovskite and dark matter. All can be bought/found/farmed except adamantite, which must be bought from R&D Depot which is found on mission 7.

Lastly, Belladonna Wand's improved debuffing, will change to improved debuffing 2 from tier 1 to tier 2.

While I suggest evolving the Belladonna Wand as soon as you get your first uranite with junk components (don't buy anything, just use what you have), even if you can't get it far into tier 2 yet, in my opinion improved debuffing 2 is well worth a slight loss of power.

This section applies to treasure hunter

Luckily, Tier 3 is the same weapon no matter which one it's made from, just with better stats if created by one of the above. This means you only need to make one for each character. You will however need to take every single weapon to tier 2. Luckily also, is the fact you don't need to master any, except the ones you'll be using. They just have to be in your possession:) No need to re-buy either, as the originals will be counted as having been in your inventory once, which is all that's needed.

End treasure hunter

It's a bit daunting at first, but once you start, it gets easier. SAVE OFTEN or you may get frustrated. For a great resource, go here:


The weapon boxes in this guide tell you exactly which components, and how many, are needed to max weapons efficiently.

Good luck.
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3 years ago#9
Which Paradigms should I be using?

If you are having trouble with the paradigms I mentioned in the first section, try these out.

Large Groups of Enemies

Evened Odds(Sab/Syn/Med) OR Bully(Com/Sab/Syn)
Combat Clinic(Med/Med/Sen)

This is a pretty effective 3-paradigm setup for taking out large groups of enemies. Start with Evened Odds to Buff and DeBuff while keeping your HP up, then switch to Cerberus and either Blitz the enemies to death, or simply attack each enemy individually. Two COMs will never attack the same target unless there is only one enemy available, making this an effective way to pick off a group of weak opponents. Combat Clinic is available when you need to heal quickly.

Single Enemy

Evened Odds(Sab/Syn/Med) OR Bully(Com/Sab/Syn)

For a single powerful enemy, go with this setup. Again start with Evened Odds to prepare your party and DeBuff the enemy, then switch to Tri-disaster to quickly Stagger the enemy. Finally, switch to Aggression to deal a ton of damage while constantly keeping the Chain Gauge rising at a steady pace(thanks to the Ravager).

So, unless you are preparing for a certain battle, you should keep these paradigms on most of the time:

Evened Odds(Sab/Syn/Med)(default) OR Bully(Com/Sab/Syn)
Combat Clinic(Med/Med/Sen)

You'll notice that I have two Tri-disaster paradigms set up here. The reason for this is faster staggering. A lot of the time, when switching paradigms immediately after your attacks finish, your ATB bar will be completely full when the next paradigm sets in. This way, you don't have to wait as long to pull off your attacks. Simply let loose your spells in Tri-disaster, then switch to the second Tri-disaster and cast them again, then switch again. Keep this up until the enemy is staggered.

If you find you don't need to heal while you're using Evened Odds, switch it for Bully so that you can speed up your battle times a bit.

**Thunder has the quickest casting time of all the elemental spells, so it's best to use it to stagger enemies with.**

Lightning, Sazh, and Vanille is the best setup for these paradigms, but only after you gain access to all classes. Just make sure to teach Vanille the Ruin ability from Commando(so you can use Cerberus), and teach Sazh a few abilities in Sentinel(Provoke and Steelguard is fine), so you can use Combat Clinic. Luckily enough, Lightning, Sazh and Vanille are the most effective team in Chapter 11 anyway.
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3 years ago#10

Of course, you know (or at least, should know) that Sazh is very optimal against him, and the whole of chapter 11 too, but what some might not know is that his Blitz attack tends to attack multiple times against one big enemy. Equip/upgrade his strongest STR weapon, and use him as leader. Whenever you can spare the time to make him go to COM (meaning after buffs, healing, and appropriate chaining), just keep spamming Blitz. It would be stronger than any other character doing any other attack at that point in the game.

This may apply to later bosses like SPOILERS

& any others that I can't remember


but I haven't tried him out with them.
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