HOW to defeat Orphan?

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4 years ago#1
I've died too many times to count; very annoying at this point.

WHO do I play with? (I'm using Lightning, Fang and Hope). Lightning is leader; she is equipped with resistance to death, but doesn't seem to help. I'm using the paradigms suggested in the book. Once I had Orphan 75% defeated, then was killed. She is also equipped with resistance to poison, but doesn't seem to help. She gets nailed with it and just stands there unable to move while Orphan hits over and over and over till she dies. I'm ready to throw this out the window! LOL

Please tell me how to defeat Orphan. Any and all help will be MUCH appreciated.
4 years ago#2
I wouldn't bother with Poison Resistance or Death Resistance, but you should definitely make sure that you keep Veil up on your entire party. I don't know what paradigms the book suggests. Will you post them? How does your Crystarium look?
4 years ago#3
My Crystarium is fully maxed out for all characters. Really looking for help with defeating Orphan. Am I playing with the right characters? What should they be equipped with? I've maxed out the weapon they're using but don't know if it's the right weapon or not.

Really looking for anyone who can provide help with HOW to defeat Orphan. Thanks!
4 years ago#4
Does that include secondary roles? I'd go with Fang/Light/Vanille if you've fully developed Synergist for Fang and Light. Make sure you stick Veil early with Fang as it makes a huge difference. Use Vanille and Fang's Sab together to fully debuff Orphan. Vanille can use Poison in this fight, and Poison can kill Orphan single-handedly. When Orphan gets to close to half health, use Highwind with Fang even if your stagger isn't over. He's about to reset the chain gauge. As soon as your Highwind damage is done, switch to Combat Clinic. What weapons are you using? As long as they aren't super detrimental you should be fine using whatever. Do you have Genji Gloves? You might want to go back to Pulse and beat Mission 63 with Death for them.

Try this:

It's probably not perfect (I'm not sure if you want double Tri-disaster or double Cerberus), but it should work. I'd start in Combat Clinic for the first hit, switch to Superiority for Haste and Veil, switch to Assassination until Imperil is stuck (stick Slow yourself), switch back to Superiority for Bravera or Faithra while Light casts Enfire, and then start chaining (use Combat Clinic as necessary to heal). Light/Fang/Hope is a good party, but you can do a lot better with secondary roles filled out.
4 years ago#5
Tortoise might be better than a second Tri-disaster for tanking the Merciless Judgments.

4 years ago#6
Tortoise and Salvation, then? It's pretty hard to die from Merciless Judgment with even one Sen out. I'm not sure it really warrants its own paradigm.
4 years ago#7
No. They are not maxed out in the secondary roles; only up to Level 2; it doesn't let me go further at this point.

Several times I see a glowing ball in Orphan's hand and it instantly kills Lightning, even though she is fully healthy. Is there a way to avoid this?

Also, she gets hit with a status that "freezes" her and she gets hit over and over till she dies. Is there a way to avoid this? Does she become frozen from "daze?" Will equipping her with daze protect prevent this?

Thanks all.
4 years ago#8
This is what Veil is for. You're getting killed by instant death and Daze, and Veil will protect against these. The best way to deal with Daze (aside from Veil) is to use a Foul Liquid. They are very cheap and you should consider getting some if you don't have any, even if it means fighting Bart again.

When I said max secondaries, I meant secondaries maxed up to Stage 9 (which is as far as they go right now). Sounds like you are good to go.
4 years ago#9
To say this is my LEAST FAVORITE part of the game would be an understatement. I HATE this battle.

Veil - Does Hope automatically cast veil or is it a particular item I can equip?

Just got killed for the zillionith time again; don't want to give up, but feel like it at this point. Ugh.
4 years ago#10
If you use the party I suggested, you can just cast Veil yourself.

As for the A.I. (Hope's A.I. included), Veil will only be prioritized if there is a note in the Enemy Intel page that says something about inflicting status ailments on you. Since you likely don't have Orphan's full info, Hope doesn't know to cast it. Try using Libra twice instead of once at the start of the fight or just tossing a Librascope.
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