UPDATED Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 Achievement Guide (Stick Please)

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Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 Achievement Guide

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No need for a table of contents on a guide this short. just press ctrl+f and type in the name of the achievement you're looking for.

**********Note: All achievements are single-player achievements only. There is no way to earn any of them in multiplayer, and there are no multiplayer achievements.**********

Magpie (15 GS) - Collect 500 geoms in a single game.

To get the "Magpie" achievement you must:

1) Collect 500 geoms in a single game. can be any single-player game mode.

Nothing much to say, the description pretty much covers it. It is probably easiest to do this one on evolved or pacifism, but it can be done in any mode. If you can't collect 500 geoms, you need some serious practice.

Unlocked All Modes (25 GS) - Unlock all game modes.

To get the "Unlock All Modes" achievement you must:

1) Unlock all 6 game modes.

No matter how much you suck, if you keep going at it, you will eventually get this achievement.

Millionare (15 GS) - Score at least 1,000,000 points in all single player modes.

To get the "Millionare" achievement you must:

1)Score at least 1 million points in all six of the single player game modes.

This shouldn't be too challenging in any of the modes except Waves. For waves, try to get as many geoms as humanly possible for the first 15 seconds, then just focus on surviving. After the first 15 seconds, it gets too hectic to worry about actively collecting any more. If you're having trouble in other modes, try taking a break from the game to relive your frustration. Also try to play less aggressively. Usually that extra aggression will get you killed.
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Rebound (15 GS) - Destroy 75 enemies in a game of Deadline using bullets bounced off of gates.

To get the "Rebound" achievement you must:

1) Kill 75 enemies using bullets that have bounced off of gates (barbell shaped things) in 1 round of the Deadline.

Ssince you have unlimited lives in Deadline, use that to your advantage. Whenever a gate appears, start shooting at it. However, do NOT ignore the rest of the enemies. If you die, the gate will disappear, and you will have to waste precious seconds waiting for a new one to reappear. Part of this is luck, but just keep at it and you will get it eventually.

Treaty (15 GS) - Activate 30 zones in King without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies.

To get the Treaty achievement you must:

1) Get into 30 unique circles in one round of Treaty without destroying any enemies. In geometry wars you can destroy enemies in 4 ways: shooting them, ramming through them using the temporary invincibility the game grants you when you spawn, nukes, using the explosions of gates/gravity wells. You can do none of these four. If you do, you will not get the achievement.

This is a tough achievement. It takes some finesse movement, and some luck. My only guideline here is to NOT stay in any circle fore more than a second. You can stay in a circle for a long time for the first 10-15, but after that, there will be too many blue diamonds, and if you sit in a circle, they will just gather up all around so that once you try to escape, you'll be trapped. Stay moving at all times. It takes lots of practice.

Slalom (15 GS) - Chain together 5 gates in 5 seconds. Crossing at least one gate every second.

To get the Slalom achievement you must:

1)Go through 5 gates (barbell shaped things), in no more than 5 seconds, at least 1 per second.

Iif you couldn't figure it out, this was meant to be done in the Pacificist game mode. This one really is not too bad. I would play the game mode as you normally would, except I would try to make sure I kill more enemies per gate than I usually do so that I have more gates laying around. If you ever feel like the blue diamonds are getting to close, feel free to blow them up. After about 30-40 seconds, the game should be at the point where's there 10+ gates floating around (assuming you haven't been going through them all as soon as they spawn). Then just weave through 5 quickly. You don't have to kill any blue diamonds as you weave through 5 gates, so do not worry about waiting for enemies to get close by before you start going through.
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Wax On (15 GS) - Rub your ship along all four arena walls in Pacifism. (Sexual innuendo anybody?!?!)

To get the "Wax On" achievement you must:
1) Drag your ship along every inch of ever wall in the pacifism game mode. It does not have to be consecutive (you can get on and off the walls as you please, and you can do any part of the wall in any order).

This achievement is pretty easy. If you get lucky, you can go literally move your ship along all 4 walls without having to ever get off. So if you suck, just keep trying. Also note that you cannot go over the same piece of wall twice and have it count towards the achievement. You have to cover EVERY inch of every wall. Once you've dragged along the length of one entire wall, a percentage counter will show up at the bottom counting your percentage towards the achievement I will be outlining next, "Wax Off," which is about 100x harder than this one. Once that counter reaches 50%, you'll get the "Wax On" achievement.

Wax Off (15 GS) - Perform the Wax On achievement twice in a single game, don't forget to breathe. (Sexual innuendo galore!)

To get the "Wax Off" achievement you must:

1) Drag your ship along every inch of ever wall in the pacifism game mode. It does not have to be consecutive (you can get on and off the walls as you please, and you can do any part of the wall in any order),
2) Repeat.

if you got the "Wax On" achievement, then you already know how this works. On this one I can only give you general advice, so here goes: Be patient, you do NOT need to get the wax on achievement in one perfect run without getting off the wall to have a chance at this. Also, don't be afraid to jump off the walls for extended periods of time (if you need 10 seconds to blow up blue diamonds and get away from them, then take 10 seconds); Don't be too aggressive, this goes hand in hand with patience. If you think you might not be able to make it around a corner and squeeze through a whole, bail out early, kill some enemies, then come back for that corner later; Avoid corners as much as possible. Corners are by far the most dangerous place in the level, so avoid them, period; Focus, as you get closer and closer to getting this achievement, you're going to have to bounce on and off the walls more and more. As you do this, there will be places that you haven't finished up, which is fine. However, you don't want to get to 95% and then be thinking "**** **** **** **** where is that last section??!?!" I highly encourage not going through the walls in order. If you try to maintain order, you will just be making the achievement harder on yourself by forcing yourself into places where you may not be safe. Instead, just remember what wall(s) you haven't yet done so that you can get back to them. Good luck with this one.
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Surf (15 GS) - Dodge 8 lines of enemies in Waves without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies.

To get the "Surf" achievement, you must:

1)Avoid 8 Waves of orange arrows in the Waves game mode without destroying any enemies. In geometry wars you can destroy enemies in 4 ways: shooting them, ramming through them using the temporary invincibility the game grants you when you spawn, nukes, using the explosions of gates/gravity wells. You can do none of these four. If you do, you will not get the achievement.

This one isn't too hard, but will provide a fun decent challenge. NEVER leave the middle area. EVER. The pattern will change every time you restart, so donít bother trying to memorize exactly where to move. Just keep your eyes open and look for open spaces that you can squeeze your ship into. Again, this one isnít too bad, but itís not a joke either.

Phobia (15 GS) - Score 1,000 points in Waves without collecting any geoms.

To get the "Phobia" achievement you must:

1) Be as far away from enemies as possible before you even consider killing them. Just have to rack up 1000 points this way.

Your ship is a magnet for geoms, so I cannot stress how far away you want to be. For example, if there is a wave that is going from left to right across the top half of the screen I would make sure I am in the bottom 5th of the arena before I shot at the Waves. you Won't be able to see exactly what you're shooting, but itís okay. Just move your shot across the screen from left to right, following where you think the enemies should be. You'll probably be able to see the explosions if your bullets are hitting the enemies, so use that as a guideline. This can be accomplished in 3-4 waves.

Game Over (15 GS) - Reach the end of sequence.

To get the "Game Over" achievement you must:

1)"Pass" all 20 levels of sequence mode. you can "ass" a level in 3 ways: destroy all enemies before the timer runs out, wait until the timer runs out, die. *****EXCEPTION: It has been brought to my attention that if you lose your last life on level 20, you will not get the achievement. I cannot confirm this myself, but based on what other people have been telling me, it seems to be impossible to get the achievement if you use last life to die on level 20.*****

It will be IMMENSELY helpful to go look up videos on YouTube of people getting this achievement.


^^^This is a video of my friend Kevin getting the Smile achievement. Thx Kevin for posting.

See the guide below for the "Smiles" achievement for tips on this one. you donít need to follow it as strictly as it is written (except the part about first 8 levels, you really shouldn't be dying here or using nukes, although it is still possible to make it to the end even if you do), but I would try to have at least 2-3 spare lives and a couple of nukes saved up for the last 5 levels. All 5 of them are hard as ****.

level 11 strategy - This level is fairly easy if you have the right strategy for it. After the first quick wave of 4, start moving to the upper left hand corner, shooting only the blue diamonds. Avoid shooting the purple spawn boxes at all costs. As you approach the corner, go through the blues and wrap around the purple spawn boxes then QUICKLY come down and around so that vertically, you are at the middle of the level. From there, go straight right, shooting a whole in the new wave of blue diamonds in front of you. again, make it through that, then wrap upwards and around the purple spawn boxes. at this point some gates will appear. Itís nearly impossible to beat this level without using a nuke if you donít use the gates to your advantage. They can literally destroy 100 enemies in an instant, so be smart and use them.
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Smile (25 GS) - 2, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18 and 19

To get the "Smile" achievement you must:

1) run out of time on levels 2 and 4
2) die on levels 11,15,17,18,19
3) complete ALL remaining levels before time runs out. You may use nukes as you wish.

It will be IMMENSELY helpful to go look up videos on YouTube of people getting this achievement.
^^^This is a video of my friend Kevin getting the Smile achievement. Thx Kevin for posting.
Strategies for harder levels and when to use nukes: (please note, this guide assumes you are breaking 10 million before you get to the end. If you are not, you will not have enough bombs or lives to get the achievement. itís not hard at all to break 10 million on sequence, but I just thought you should know).

Levels 1-8, you should not be using ANY nukes here. Good luck making it all the way, if you waste one this early. Make sure on levels 2 and 4 that you do not kill every enemy so that the clock runs out. Note that to some extent, level 8 is based on luck because of the haywire tendencies of the gravity wells. Do not use a nuke on this level. If you are having trouble, make sure that after the 1st quick little wave that you get OUT of the ring of gravity wells before you start shooting, then shoot your way out of the blue diamonds.

Level 9, you may use one here, but I discourage it. It is still possible to make it all the way if you use one here, but you will be taking a chance later on. If you have figured out the strategy to kill all of the greens before time runs out, then you do not need to use the nuke. There is nothing hard about the level except the time limit, so if you are running out of time and know you will not make it, fire the nuke

level 10, 100% use a nuke a here. I have only ever beaten this level one time without using a nuke here, and frankly, I do not know how I did it that one time. This level is insane. Survive the first few waves but once you feel like there's too many blue circles and deflectors flying around, feel free to nuke. 2-3 more will probably popup after your nuke depending on when you launched it, but that is okay. You can destroy them afterwards.

Level 11, no nuke, make sure to kill yourself

level 12, HIGHLY recommend nuking. I have made it through this level several times without nuking, but this far into the game, I would not want to be chancing it. The snakes spawn randomly every time you do the level, so there is no guarantees even if you think you can do it. Highly recommend nuking here

level 13, 100% nuke. I have never even come close to beating this level without a nuke. I know you are supposed to hit the blue guys from an angle where there is as little bubbly stuff as possible, but with a 30-second time limit and a metric ton of greens everywhere, it is not easy. if you know how to beat this one without a nuke, congrats, don't use one, but for the rest of us, drop a nuke here.
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level 14, do NOT even consider using a nuke here unless you have made it through one of the levels I listed above without using a nuke. This level is 90% luck. you just damn well better hope that not all of the gravity wells bunch up into one massive tangle. If they do, you will have to be extremely lucky to survive this without a nuke. Again, do NOT consider using a nuke on this level unless you have made it through one of the above levels without nuking. Level 9 is in my opinion the easiest one to make it through without nuking

level 15, kill yourself, be lucky you can kill yourself on this one. It would be rough otherwise.

Level 16, highly recommend using a nuke here. The strategy I have found best is to be in the lower half after you kill the first 4 purple windmills. As start moving upwards and shooting upwards at the greens. As you approach the massive wave of greens, flatten out and go off to either the right or left side, and come down around the wave of purples spawn boxes that you just avoided. Try to shot as few of the purple spawn boxes as possible. Now just keep running from enemies until you get the massive purple windmill spawn. As soon as you see it, NUKE, but be careful, the level is not done. There will be 2 Waves of orange arrows left, but they are not that hard

levels 17-19, be glad you get to kill yourself on these. Just as an FYI, 17 is not too bad without a nuke, but is definitely challenging. 18 is rough, Iíve never made it through without a nuke, but I can see how it could be done. 19 is crazy without a nuke, I did it once, but that was a miracle. But again, KILL YOURSELF on these 3

Level 20, ideally, you'll have 2 nukes when you get here, but it is very possible with only one. When I got smiles, I got to level 20 with 2 nukes but only ended up using 1, so it is not too hard. I recommend having 2 though, because if you make it this far, you really do not want to die and have to start all over. Kill the first 4 things nice and quick. Now blue circles and deflectors will start popping up all of the place. If you only have 1 nuke, try to survive 4-5 waves of them without nuking, and if you can make it past 4-5, nuke. There may be 1-2 waves afterwards, but they should not be nearly as bad. If you have 2 nukes, drop one if you feel any real danger at all, and if you still feel endangered after that, drop the 2nd one too. Watch out, there will be Waves of oranges, but if you timed your nuke(s) correctly, then it should have wiped out all of the orange arrows on the half of the screen that you are in. then, finish off whatever is left over after the nuke.

Thanks for using SK33TAST1Cís guide. Hope it helped.
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Hopefully I'll get Smile later. I got to the final level earlier while running out of time, clearing, and failing the necessary levels then died. Haven't made it back there again though.
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