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If this game drops in price... (Archived)Zero_Saber_X11/12/2013
I want to get this game for my friend but i dont want him to spend the points (Archived)deoxxys15/29/2012
Weird glitch?? (Archived)5tannyB0bs15/8/2012
Desperate help - chamber 15 (Archived)peskychloe12/13/2012
Sign here if you're planning on buying this half off on Christmas. (Archived)Wariofanatic312/30/2011
Am I noob or...? (Archived)Icarusael110/25/2011
Ending topic, (Spoilers) (Archived)Fate8636/10/2011
Please tell me the out of the blue achievement only applies to Chell (Archived)ultimarasengan66/10/2011
Is Anybody There and Out of the Blue Achievement questions (Archived)Kieo136/9/2011
Achievements (Archived)andy24345/27/2011
If I buy this, will I be able to play it without being connected to XBL? (Archived)EternityUnknown55/24/2011
This game didn't get the new ending right? (Archived)Treewaller25/24/2011
why all the fuss? first play through 40 minutes dam short (Archived)
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So If I have this game I have Portal 1 in it's entirety? (Archived)SCREAMINGBEATSS35/13/2011
I played until the end of the Trial, looks like that was 50% of the game? (Archived)funky147115/7/2011
Differences between this and the first version of Portal? (Archived)do mi no35/5/2011
turret and blue portal achievements (Archived)TRUST77725/4/2011
This, Orange Box, or Portal 2? (Archived)seadogs1265/3/2011
Any Chance of Portal: Still Alive Going On Sale Again? (Archived)Cwagmire2124/29/2011
Just wanted to say... (Archived)TheOneConcept24/27/2011
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