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7 years ago#1
In the 360 version they begged you for items, but if you didn't give them to them by certain BRs they upgraded automatically. I think I read somewhere that the PC version doesn't do this and you HAVE to farm the item. Is this correct?
7 years ago#2
I think yes, i have imba pink item in inventory and noone wants it... all classes can use it... but i found sword in treasure and david asked for it so i gave it to him
7 years ago#3
They will ask for weapons in your inventory sometimes, yes, but that isn't what I'm asking.

I'm asking if they will upgrade their own current weapons without the components needed for it at certain BR like they do in the 360.

Example on 360:
Character X needs 3 ore 2 fangs 8 fur to upgrade Weapon to Awesome Weapon
I never get the items for them
I hit BR 50 and Weapon upgrades automatically to Awesome Weapon

I haven't noticed anyone automatically upgrading yet, but I'm trying to keep my BR low.

The reason I ask is I'm sick of farming materials : P
7 years ago#4
bump :o
7 years ago#5
yep, they upgrade them even without items, on my game happens to torgal, when he have leraje princeps, he ask me for items i didnt have, and after a sidequest i rank up 2 BR, i back to town and he have leraje regis, with that caracteristic blue glow. so yep.
7 years ago#6
I have noticed an upgrade every now and then when I didn't think I had all the materials, but it's certainly not based on BR anymore.

Basically you can't count on them auto-upgrading anymore. With quick load times and turbo mode, however, farming isn't nearly as tedious as it was in the 360 version.
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7 years ago#7
I think they do upgrade automatically aswell. I say this because David needed Vulture Rawhide, and I tried getting it for him, but it rarely dropped, and there was like 5 of the monsters per run, so I gave up looking.

Then later, i noticed that the shield had upgraded, and he no longer needed it.
7 years ago#8
Thanks for the responses : ) I'll have to keep an eye on what they want .. but some items are just sooo tedious to farm (like the vulture rawhide was!).
7 years ago#9
They auto upgrade! I think I've only manually upgraded a char like 3 times, then I stopped farming metals and they still ended up getting the upgrades... So... between BR 35-85 I didn't use Mr. Diggs at all! And, all my leaders weapons upgraded! (side note: I don't see why they don't fix it to where if you already have the items they just ask for them and take them from your inventory!)
7 years ago#10
I'm not so sure about auto-upgarde ... I'm at BR 62, and Torgal is still using Lerajae ... maybe, it's random and not really something a player can rely on ....
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