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7 years ago#1
I'm trying to defeat the enlightened Emperor and I'm getting PWNED (hard mode).
Is there someplace good to grind?
Of course there are the metopon tiers on the ancient ruins but that place freaking lags me, so I want somewhere as good or better to grind my stats.
7 years ago#2
What's your BR?
7 years ago#3
BR is not a problem, I'm going to use Necifer's trainer to set my BR to 1 to speed up the stats growth proccess
7 years ago#4
What about Sacred Lands?
Ancient Ruins do give me some framerate problems at times, more specifically annoying mouse camera movement. If there was any fix to that I'd like to hear it, since AR is the great endgame grinding spot.
Flaumello Tower and Siebenbur Paths are good earlier but they can't compare to AR.
I'm not sure how Running through Sacred Lands killing those 4 rares every time compares to AR.
7 years ago#5
Well, if your BR is 1, go kill Dragons, or Bai Ze with Mystic Seal on. Anything with Huge HP, really. Greater Demons on Mt. Vackel might even work, along with the Brynhildrs, and Glasya Labolas,

Also keep in mind that for the Enlightened Conqueror, it doesn't matter how much HP, or strength you have. Beating him requires luck more than anything. Having 9,999 HP on your unions does you no good either, since he WILL hit unions for 12,000+ on a pretty regular basis with Seal, Tao Tie (sometimes), and War God.

Beating the Enlightened Conqueror is a morale fight more than anything else in my experience with him.

Good luck grinding, though!
7 years ago#6
Alright, thanks
7 years ago#7
Oh, another question.
Does the amount of turns affect he stats growth too?
7 years ago#8
Yes, it does. Some also think that the number of turns is inversely proportional to Battle Rank as well. (More turns means less Battle Rank growth)

That's part of what makes Mystic Seal so useful for Grinding stats.
7 years ago#9
From my understanding number of turns doesn't directly affect stat gains, but instead for example because you use more turns using combat arts -> more str exp -> more str gains and more art usage -> more ap used -> more ap exp -> more ap gains.
7 years ago#10
Again, thanks ^^

I've uploaded these mods:

Ive made them to lag less, but I'm not too sure about its efficiency. Anyway, I use them and noticed less lag ^^
Texmod is required to use the mods
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