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3 years ago#1
have problems with the TLR_MG Trainer. If i try to change values from inventory items like herbs it didnt change ingame. Do i have to be in a specific screen?

I start TLR and load a savegame, than i start the TLR_MG.exe and see my groups, etc. and what i currently have in my inventory. Weapons i can add to my inventory but no other things like herbs, bombs, etc.

Also the Necifer's Trainer didnt work on my win7 64bit system. The .exe didnt reacting and solution will be searched from win. Month ago i could use this trainer but why not now?

Compatibilty Mode didnt take effect.

Would be nice for some help.

(sorry for my english, iam german)
3 years ago#2
No one a solution?
3 years ago#3
I recall certain features on TLR_MG not working properly when it was released/updated, and don't expect any updates since I haven't heard from him in quite a while.

Necifer's should work just fine with altering the number of ingredients and materials. Resetting the game does mess up the values displayed in the trainer, but that's easily fixed by exiting and restarting the game. Not sure what would make it stop working suddenly, but sometimes things like that happen.

I can probably test a few things, but it won't be for a little while. Exams are coming up and those take priority. And it's only been a day. Also, your name is familiar. I thought you hated this game. Tried cheating against the Demigod and not getting anywhere with that fight about 2 years ago?
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3 years ago#4
Necifer's didnt work with my win7 anymore i dont know why... program dont reacting and solution will be searched from windows... :(
3 years ago#5
Have you tried redownloading a copy and trying that?
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Hoyt GMX 23", Hoyt Epic 32lbs, 8125, Carbon One 900
2 years ago#6
Yes i redownloaded it but no effect.

Could someone post a mirror to the last version? most links i found are dead...
2 years ago#7
chucky...when you say it didn't work with win7 what are you refering?Are you reffering to the fact that the Trainer will not start anymore?you just click it...wait and nothing happens?or that it gives you some sort of error?
2 years ago#8
This happen if i try to start the Trainer.

"RemnantTrainer no longer works
It searches for a solution to the problem ..."

Dunno why and what to do... compatibilty mode win xp sp2 also didnt work....

Last year it worked fine for me i used the trainer. My only change on the system are new graphiccard, more RAM... i dont reinstalled windows 7!
2 years ago#9
Does it give you this error when you are(already ingame)and trying to start the trainer...or it happens even without the game working?
2 years ago#10
Both ways it come to this error. :(

Would be nice if someone could reupp the last version from this trainer.
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