Denerim (Elven District?)

#1SilbePosted 4/12/2012 5:25:50 PM
How do i get into the Elven district in Denerim? (Or whatever it is called) The one that is closed off?
I just saved Anora and Arl Eamon is waiting for the Warden to return, so i am quite far into the game. What am i supposed to do?

#2Nasada19Posted 4/12/2012 6:26:15 PM
It unlocks when you progress the story far enough. You have to go through the door in the market district. Can`t go there directly from the Denerim map.
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#3Silbe(Topic Creator)Posted 4/12/2012 7:24:38 PM
How far? According to a Walkthrough i'm soon at the point of no return.
#4CalculatorRamzaPosted 4/12/2012 9:33:13 PM
It's actually right after this; go talk to Eamon and Anora.