Most fun/useful background to start as?

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Dwarf noble nets you extra cash, and the 10% anti magic bonus from just being a dwarf helps more then you'd think.
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Dwarves make better warriors typically and the Dwarven Noble origin is fairly interesting. And dwarven nobles can make some extra money by selling to a certain NPC. But with the gold glitch or by selling potent lyrium potions gold in this game is very easy to get.

Humans makes decent everything, but some people really don't like the human noble origin and it makes it harder for them to get in the game.

Elves make the best mages, though the Circle of Magi origin is only mildly interesting.

Elves in my opinion make the best backstabbing rogues and the city elf origin is my favorite. And you get a great dagger towards the end of the game.

And because you're not that familar with the game, I'll tell you that the origin only affects the first 30 minutes to 2 hours of gameplay and some minor dialog changes later in the game. Such as how characters address you and characters from your Origin will recognize you later.
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@TC listen to Nasada19, he is one of the best on the board, along with Ripstrawberry, Widget624 and a few others that aren't here anymore.
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Tombawocxer posted...
Most fun/useful background to start as?

1. Female city elf and male noble dwarf, you really have some people to look for.
2. Other non mage origins also provide some life-threatening treason.
3. Mage origins provide an early schism between regular mages and blood mages / apostates.

Now that I think about it, dragon age 2 mainly revolves around the blood magic theme, the less interesting one IMO -.-
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( Spoilers )

REally, just one????

Do them all. you know you want to see them. Of course you do.

I just stop when I get to ostergar, and jump to a new one. So I can do them all.

When I want to take one all the way through. its a boy. WHY, because only boys can romance Morigan. And her romance dialog is the funniest.

then its a Dwarf. For the magic resistence. In a tough fight, its the mages that will give you trouble. and I do a rogue, so I can dual wield, and have high dex. all falls in line with a Male dwarven rogue.

ANd I love my mother in that path. she is a total drunk, and battle axe. If you can not abuse your mother In real life, you should have the FUN of saying mean stuff to your mother in the game.

so thats my 2 coppers on dat. Enjoy.
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