Landmark trees and where do i find money

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User Info: xninjagrrl

7 years ago#1

so i found the landmark tree in the field in Lothering and was wondering what i am supposed to do here. the only thing i have noticed is that if i click A to "talk" to my dog and ask him if he has found anything interesting like 30% of the time he will bring me some useless junk, like a ball of yarn which i just gave back to him as a gift since he had drooled all over it

also, are there any hot spots where i can rake in the cash fast? i feel like i am constantly broke..i mean, i have like 13 gold, 80 silver, and 60 bronze (somthing like that) but everything cool costs that much or more

also, what exactly is a "sovereign"? i gave 5 away to some lady in the chantry building in Lothering and i feel like it was a mistake since this lady didnt do squat for me

thanks in advance!

User Info: OhYouFool

7 years ago#2
...A sovereign is a gold piece. ._.
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User Info: Ryan2002

7 years ago#3
I agree, I'm having money problems too. :( i'm about the same part as you in the game. I want teh gold!!
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User Info: xninjagrrl

7 years ago#4
omg i gave that stupid woman 5 of my precious golds and she didnt give me anything? okay, next time the chantry needs me they are out of luck

User Info: scottb32198

7 years ago#5
At the landmark trees, switch to control your dog, and examine it. He'll piss on it and get some sort of buff, lol.

User Info: xninjagrrl

7 years ago#6

sweet, thanks, i am just outside of lothering at that camp so perhaps i can backtrack real fast and piss on the tree, i didnt realize when i swithced to the dog i could interact with stuff, fun fun

User Info: jusfighta

7 years ago#7
you mean those landmark thingys are for your dog?! rofl
"Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you what you are."

User Info: xninjagrrl

7 years ago#8
whats wrong with that? my dog is my favorite character, i like him more than my main character..besides, it is quite obvious that those landmark thingys are for the dog, it pretty much says so when you get near it, i just wasnt sure how to activate it

User Info: celiolith

7 years ago#9

When your dog marks a landmark as he territory he gets a "substantial increase in confidence and stature within his territory, a trait that indirectly benefits master as well as hound." Quoted from the games codex.

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