Where to find spellweaver (arcane warrior unique sword)?

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7 years ago#1
I know people have found it, but I seem to have a devil of a time doing so. Any help is much appreciated.

And for the record, AW is an awe inspiring specialization. I just keep on decent armor, cast spells, run out of mana, toggle on AW main ability and fight/fight/fight. Not always the most durable, but surely fun if built right. Thanks for the help.
7 years ago#2
i got it in the circle of magi tower or w.e when i killed a man in the tower. check back there i think or i recieved it in the ruind temple or w.e by haven
7 years ago#3
The Spellweaver is located in the ruins where you locate Kolgrim and the other Reavers. You will come to a point where you can turn left or go straight after getting into the Wyrmling Lair for a while. If you go left, you'll know it's the right intersection because it'll take you straight to Kolgrim. If you go straight rather than turning left, you should find 2-3 reavers and a Drake in a room after it tell's you it's saving the game. A better way of knowing which intersection it is would be if you see a mage and then encounter an Assassin or 2 with the mage in that intersection. Directly to your left in that room, you will see an elevated area with a warrior that has a barrier around him. Kill him and you will acquire Spellweaver.
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7 years ago#4
I should probably add that the ruins where you find Kolgrim are located in Haven. You can't miss them because you'll automatically go there after you do more of the quest in search of the Sacred Urn.
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7 years ago#5
^ that

tho i don't remember the "barrier" around a warrior, since after the dialogue with Kolgrim, i laid waste to the whole room rather quickly and efficiently, but that's where i looted it off a dead body..
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7 years ago#6
He's not in the same room as Kolgrim, he is in the room that you would go to if you had gone straight down that path rather than taking the path to get to Kolgrim. Both times I've run across the sword, it's been that silly soldier with what appears to be a barrier around himself at the end of the tunnel. The barrier does something, I'm just not sure what at this point since I seemed to be dealing regular damage to him. You'll know it's him if you take notice he is the only Reaver wearing a Cowl and not a Helmet or wearing no headgear at all.
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7 years ago#7
Thr guy with Spellweaver is a "Cultist Overseer" who cast Spell Shield (the aforementioned barrier) on himself as soon as he sees you. He is at the very north end of "Caverns".
7 years ago#8
Thanks gents.
7 years ago#9
Are the enemies still there if you've finished the quest, but didn't engage that group?
7 years ago#10
does anyone have any pics of what Spellweaver looks like?
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