Why wont the fountain puzzel work? Lower ruins.

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7 years ago#1
Ok, here I am checking EVERYWHERE about this stupid puzzle. And ive tried EVERYTHING:

take jug
fill jug
place it on altar
take jug
pour it out in the original pool

BUT, when i pray, its just boils and turns into gas.

WHY? Please help. I read something about a stone tablet explaining the quest, must i have this first? Where do i find it?
7 years ago#2
Hey come on, anyone?
7 years ago#3
Happened to me to so I just gave up and moved on.
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7 years ago#4
There is a codex that tells you how to do it as well. You can find it somewhere in the lower ruins. Not sure exactly where. I did the following and it worked.

Take Jug
Fill Jug
Pray at the altar
Put jug on altar
Take 1 sip from the jug
Remove Jug from altar
Pour it in the pool
7 years ago#5
Well, the game is screwed for me then cause it doesnt work. Just starts to boil when i kneel and pray. God I hate bugs
7 years ago#6
I love these topics.
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7 years ago#7

It's not a bug I had the same issue but you need another component to the puzzle that you're all forgetting the room north of the fountain where you saw the little boy there's a secret room with a sarcophogus to get an elven tablet. get that first.

Then solve puzzle accordingly remember final step is sip water after prayer then return it to the pool you get the juggernaut plate which is good stuff.

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  3. Why wont the fountain puzzel work? Lower ruins.

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