Wearwolf lair- i can not figure out the earthen jug and the alter

#1nikkidustinPosted 11/8/2009 5:38:16 PM

So I am in one end of the fortress and i see the lair but i can not access it yet- gotch ya, i need to figure out the trigger- well i can only see the well with the jug and the alter- i have tried all the combos and even got killed by the gosty things but i still can not unlock that door- anyone got any hints? i have been at his about an hour now- i bet its really simple too....

#2The_IrvingPosted 11/8/2009 5:39:44 PM
I spent like an hour on it too and then realized there was another entrance to the lair lol... I'm pretty sure the jug thing is just a side-quest. If you want to just beat up some werewolves go to the other side of the ruins.
#3Wii0playerPosted 11/8/2009 5:41:05 PM
look at your quests guide, under one of them should be the description on how to do the puzzle. However as I remember it

First you
Take the gourd out of the water
Fill the gourd
Place the gourd on alter
Take a Sip
Release the water back into the water
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#4mike0440Posted 11/8/2009 5:42:05 PM
The jug is indeed a little side bonus. You get some decent items as well as a strange cut scene. Basically you do this..

1. Go to the pool in the center of the room, fill the jug and leave the pool.
2. Go to the wooden alter and place the jug on to it. You then kneel and pray.
3. Once you've knelt down and prayed you take a single sip from the jug.
4. Take the jug back to the pool and dump the water out into it. The doors will then open.
#5iLXeNkPosted 11/8/2009 5:45:37 PM

Only thing in there is the last of the Juggernaut Armor.

Fill the jug at the pool of water
Put the Filled Jug on the alter
Pray at the alter
Examine the Jug and take a sip
Examine the jug and Take it
Go back to the pool of water and empty it

The door will open and you'll have a fight on your hands to get the last piece of the Juggernaut armor
#6nikkidustin(Topic Creator)Posted 11/8/2009 5:57:24 PM
haha- that was my first peice- thanks to you all! i still havent figured out yet how to get into the lair but at least i am done withthe jug- sht! how long did it take the first person- i tried everything i thought!