Best way to level up characters

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I was just wondering........but what is usually the best way to allocate the attribute points you get when you level up? especially in the early parts of the game?

Do you pump all of the points into the key stats for the character type, getting those stats into high numbers, while ignoring the lesser stats and leaving them low?

For example, a Warrior should prob focus on Str, Dex, and Con. Will would prob be a 2nd focus, then Cunning ( mainly for persuasion/coercion ), then Magic......

When you 1st create a warrior, he already has his Str and Dex stats higher.

So.....when you allocate the 1st 5 points, and for the 1st few times you level up, should you focus on the "neglected" stats and boost them up a bit?

Or, should you just continue to boost the main stats ( Str, Dex, Con ) by pumping all of the points you receive each time you lvl up to get that stat really high? And then concentrate on the other stats.....

IOW....should you try to build a "well-rounded" character, where the main stats are higher, but the other stats aren't too far behind? a character by raising the main stats to really high levels first?

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I put all my points into a certain stat for each level. For example if I was putting points into dex, I put all 3 into. Then I would level up a different stat my next level. I also took stat requirement for skills into consideration. I usually leveled up the stats I need for skills I wanted first..such as the last level of duel wielding..I believe you need something like 36 dex for it.
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Look at all the skills/talents you can unlock with that char, decide which you want the most. Look at the stat requirements for those skills. Upgrade those attributes until you can unlock everything you want to use. Be happy and sow mayhem.

When in doubt, put points in the main category for your class. So in a rogue, just dump them into DEX and CUN until you know what you want to do. If you are feeling a strong desire to plow points into anything else early on, you might not have chosen the right class for you ;)

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i pretty much plowed my war's str stats up at first just so i could wear the dragon armor, then i focused on balancing him out the rest of the game, he's pretty much been unstoppable.
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I concerned about equipment for my rogue, in particular having the strength necessary for the weapons are armor I want. Whats the most strength you need for top tier longswords and leather armor?
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Not that high pha, and rogues base most of their defense off of evasion, which is controlled by DEX. I would say if it concerns you, take your rogue up to about 24. Any more than that and you might have chosen the wrong class for your play style ;)

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