Best race to start with?

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User Info: khscholar

7 years ago#1
I was thinking of starting with A human noble but i'm debating being a mage instead. I think warriors are a good start when your new to a game but I don't know how they play in comparison to mages. Any tips?
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User Info: zerobobo

7 years ago#2
i played a human noble, and beat it.

ive recently been trying to go through a second time but none of the other classes are as fun/interesting to me. i thought i'd enjoy a rogue but d oing the same backstab animation adnosium is already old and i only just got to lothering lol i mean sure, i could play the rogue like a warrior but its really silly to play a rogue and not take advantage of backstab.

the mage is just nukey nuke. i never liked mages in general, i'd do the arcane warrior but blahhh.

so im probably gonna just play through as pretty much the same character again :X oh well!

User Info: OgesMC

7 years ago#3
I'm playing a rogue and plan to play a mage next. How can one think the warrior is the least "stale" class when it is in fact probably the one most? Mages appear to have 4 or 5 groups of spells to choose from of which you might be able to fill 1 & a half. A most unique playthrough will likely be with a mage.
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User Info: same__guy

7 years ago#4
dwarves are really fun to play. fun origins. the city elf origin is also fun.
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