Gift Guide (Spoilers)

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This list shows what gifts each character likes the most.

This is not my original work, but I've confirmed that it is 100% accurate.

This guide is originally from


- Golden Mirror
- Tribal Necklace
- Silver Chain
- Silver Brooch
- Locket
- Golden Amulet
- Flemethís Grimoire
- Black Grimoire
- Golden Rope Necklace
- Golden Demon Pendant
- Silver Medallion


- Black Runestone
- Onyx Demon Statuette
- Stone Dragon Statuette
- White Runestone
- Duncanís Shield
- Stone Warrior Statuette
- Small Carved Statuette
- Allistairís Motherís Amulet


- Ox Bone
- Lamb Bone
- Beef Bone
- Veal Bone
- Large Bone


- Nug
- Chantry Amulet
- Andrasteís Grace
- Silver Sword of Mercy
- Etched Silver Symbol
- Golden Symbol of Andraste
- Steel Symbol of Andraste
- Bronze Symbol of Andraste
- Blue Satin Shoes
- Silver Sword of Mercy


- Remarkable Garnet
- Remarkable Ruby
- Remarkable Sapphire
- Remarkable Topaz
- Remarkable Greenstone
- Remarkable Amtheyst


- Silver Framed Still-life
- Stenís Sword
- Totem
- Water-stained Portrait
- Portrait of a Goose Girl
- Painting of the Rebel Queen


- The Rose of Orlais
- Tattered Notebook
- Fancy Scroll
- The Search for the True Prophet
- The Guerrins of Ferelden: A Genealogical History
- Discovering Dragonís Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces


- Current Map of Ferelden
- Map of the Anderfels
- Map of Occupied Ferelden
- Botanistí Map of Thedas
- Ancient Map of Imperium


- Sun Blonde Vint-1
- Legacy White Shear
- Garlbogís Backcountry Reserve
- Alley Kingís Flagon
- Golden Scythe 4-90 Black
- Chasind Sack Mead


- Small Silver Bar
- Small Gold Bar
- Medium Silver Bar
- Medium Gold Bar
- Dalish Gloves
- Antivan Leather Boots
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Additional info: Any items not on this list, such as Shiny Gold Ring and Painted Skyball, will give various minor (+1 - +5) boosts to all character's approval ratings. The amount of approval they will give partly depends on how well the character already likes you - The less they like you, the more it will give.
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the dog found some thread or yarn, its listed as a gift, but I dont see it there, any ideas?
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nice post .... heres a wiki that explains the gifts further (how to find them)

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