how many people and places can you hook up?

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User Info: shadowcat2164

7 years ago#1
I was wondering how many people you can hook up with. I hooked up in the human noble with the elf lady in waiting and the squire lol. How many other npcs can you fool around with other then the party members that have romantic options?

User Info: EchoesN7

7 years ago#2
10 can be purchased in the Pearl, 1 more if you convince Isabella.

Let's see. Desire Demon in Connor's Fade, Zevran, Leliana, Alistair, and Morrigan.

Those seem to be the ones I recall.

User Info: mcv

7 years ago#3
There are encounters available in some of the origin stories, too.

User Info: SushiSquid

7 years ago#4

Human noble can dance horizontally with either a male or female, regardless of gender.
Male dwarven nobles can throw the hotdog at two women. Females can imply they've been getting more than back rubs from Gorim.
There are two elves in love in the Dalish camp. You can play hide the pickle if you seduce the one opposite your gender.
Isabella in the Pearl will predend she's a hooker for either gender, and you can even include party members under certain conditions.
The Pearl also has real prostitutes to break a bed's springs with.
You can turn a tent into a steam room with up to three party members. Leliana will gladly munch a rug and Zevran likes pooping backwards. Each will also take opposite genders and Alistair and Morrigan also only take off their pants for opposite genders.
Male nobles can marry the queen at the end, but you don't get a scene.

I don't remember any others.

User Info: fuzzyslippers2

7 years ago#5
They really needed a scene for Anora, she's the best chick.
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