Optional Bosses?

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7 years ago#1
how many are there?
and are some of the optional bosses dragons?
if so how many of them are dragons
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7 years ago#2
Only 3 "big" dragons, High dragon, Flemeth, and Arch-Demon.

There is one smaller dragon boss in the Elven Ruins.
7 years ago#3
ok thanks
[Dz]TheEnd---"Watch Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself"-G-Fresh
7 years ago#4
there is also Gaxkang... probably the second hardest boss in the game (after archdemon) although he is not a dragon
7 years ago#5
Where is Gaxkang at? I'm almost done with my second playthrough and this is the first I"ve heard of him lol.
7 years ago#6
to fight Gaxkang just follow the instructions for the Unbound sidequest http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Unbound
7 years ago#7
Quaint Hovel In Denerim Back alley.

Look at the side Quest Unbound at the DA wiki, for full info.
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7 years ago#8

pretty much sums it all up.
7 years ago#9
Thanks for the answers.
7 years ago#10
You mean the orange name bosses right?

There are way too many. If you look at


Roughly a quarter of them end with a unique boss fight. In 'A' along, these quests have orange boss

A Change in Leadership
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