How do I save the mages(spoilers)

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7 years ago#1
So last playthrough i went with the Templars because it seemed easy. Now I want to save the mages so is there a special requirment or anything to do?
7 years ago#2
Don't let Uldred kill Irving.
7 years ago#3
So yeah, basically, when Uldred says "do you accept the gift that I offer," and one of the mages has that ring of light around him, go to the Advanced tab and use the Litany of Adralla.
7 years ago#4
definitely woulda been nice to know 5 seconds earlier lol
7 years ago#5
Yea, this is my first playthrough and I had no idea how to save them. I ran up, and everybody was an abomination and I just killed them all. I used the Littany, but it only stunned them. I didnt realize you were supposed to use it as he did the summon thing. Very confusing. Could've made it way easier. It also ****ed me over for (SPOILERS) the Redcliffe ending as I wanted to use them to save Connor, but couldnt.
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  3. How do I save the mages(spoilers)

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