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6 years ago#1
How do I beat it there's way to many this is the part with the dragon thrall and the 2 darkspawn spellcasters. Is there a way to get some potions I ran out. I tried all the different armys helping me and different strategies but i still cant beat it. What did you do?
6 years ago#2
Use mana clash.
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6 years ago#3
Don't have I am a dwarf warrior.
6 years ago#4
Are you using the Balistas on the towers? I missed that the first few tries, be sure to have a Rogue with you to repair them as they will jam eventually.
6 years ago#5
I am on the ground part after going through the royal palace.
6 years ago#6
If you preserved the Anvil, the Golems are pretty beast, if not I'd need to know who is with you to help anymore.
6 years ago#7
The people who will help me are

Dalish elves
6 years ago#8
Hm, I'd go with Dwarves. Golems are ideal, but the more manpower, the better. I would try and avoid the dragon at first and have one or two guys try and make a beeline for the spellcaster while your soldiers attack the dragon (hopefully).

This was the hardest fight for me, personally, and I figured that brute force was the easiest approach in this case.
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6 years ago#9
Whoever you have the most of except for the mages will work. Dalish might be a bit harder but they should work. Which three did you bring with? I'm assuming Alistair and Wynne right?
6 years ago#10
I brought Allistair and Morrigan and the dwarf. I didn't really have anyone else. Wrynn attacked me and the assassin betrayed me.
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