Money Trick?

#1TheRedFearPosted 6/28/2010 5:35:57 PM
How can you amass money? I read somewhere that all you have to do is buy flasks from the Camp merchant who who has an infinite stock. Then buy lots of lyrium dust from the Circle merchant who has an infintie stock. Then creates tons of lyrium potions and sell them anywhere, and you'll make a profit.

But I tried this, and lost like 3 or 4 Sovereigns.

What did I do wrong?
#2NeffPosted 6/28/2010 6:19:14 PM
You have to make Potent Lyrium Potions to make a profit; Lesser Lyrium Potions won't get you anything. You get the recipe from the Wonders of Thedas in Denerim.
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#3okaba00Posted 6/28/2010 6:22:50 PM
i know a glitch to get all the money you'll need if you want?
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By all means do share
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Short version:

Get an item, the more expensive the better. Put it in "junk". Go to a merchant, and press Y, then A almost at the same time. (Some people roll their thumb)

You'll end up selling all junk, and selling the same item twice, thus making twice as much money from what you sold it for. You can repeat this process even until you get thousands of gold.

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#7TheRedFear(Topic Creator)Posted 6/29/2010 8:20:23 PM
Well the Y-thumb-roll-to-A trick doesn't seem to work for me, and it looks like it's gonna be a loooooooooooong time until any of my characters get enough skillpoints to max out Herbalism.

Zevran has maxed out Poison. Are there any poisons I can do this trick with to rake in money?
#8Nasada19Posted 6/29/2010 8:29:45 PM
No poisons. You just aren't doing the money glitch right. Here is a better explanation copy and pasted:

1) Put an item into your junk, make sure it's the most expensive item you have.
2) Go to merchant. Go to your Junk tab, then press "Y" to Sell All Junk. Immediately after press "A" to Sell Item. If you do it right you'll sell all junk, and sell the item, so you'll sell it twice.
3) Buy back your item from merchant for the price you sold it, thus giving you the gold for the second time you sold it, and the item back.
4) Rinse, Repeat.

I think it's better to use both hands. The buttons have to be pressed at just the right moment. Press Y and a tiny fraction of a second later press A.
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