Should I get the UE?

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3 years ago#1
I saw the UE at Gamestop for like 18 bucks. Is it worth it?
3 years ago#2
In what context?

Do you already own the game, and if you do, would $20 be more than it would cost to buy any DLC included that you are missing?

Is that a used price?

If it is, know that the code to get the Blood Dragon Armor in ME2 and DA2 (Origins version is included on the UE content disc) has most likely been used.

Do you have a device recognized by the 360 as an HDD?

If you don't, you will not be able to install the content disc due to system limitations imposed by MS.
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3 years ago#3
if you have never played origins at all then yes absolutely

^^^2nd post is right about buying it used though, dragon age armor for me2 will not be available since its a redeem code

if you find it new though, hey even better

i picked up UE edition used about a week ago, made sure i was given two discs and bought it

2nd disc is literally all dlc that was released, this will probably not happen again lol
they will probably start making editions like this but with redeem codes instead of an actual disc with all extra content.

its pretty silly really, i payed about 19 $ and got the original game and all dlc for it as opposed to people who got game on release day back in 2009 i think and waited/payed for extra content

been playing it for about a week and havent even beat the game and only scratched the surface of the dlc the 2nd disc brought.

its just a massive amount of content for 19$ lol
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3 years ago#4
No I've never played it, and not getting the armor in ME2 isn't a big deal, I meant in terms of content. Is this comparable to Oblivion GotY? Or KoTOR? Yes it is used.
3 years ago#5
Yes this game has a lot of content that will have you playing for a long time. Especially if you do a lot of side quests and take the time to read through the lore in your codex.

And I just want to clarify that this game is way more Kotor than Elder Scrolls. It's like playing Kotor with Final Fantasy XII's battle system in a dark fantasy world.
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3 years ago#6
I think he's probably asking about content amount. If that's the case, ABSOLUTELY go for it! The Ultimate Edition is ridiculous and not comparible to Oblivion or Morrowind GOTY or even Fallout 3 GOTY. The Ultimate Edition of this game has wayyyy more content. Literally all available dlc and expansions from first to last! DA:O is a pretty big game on it's on, with the expansions you're getting many, many hours. At the low prices you can find it nowadays it's a steal. So much so that I bought it twice!! (digital version for my Mac and 360 version brand new).

As for game quality, it's not the best game in the world and probably not as good as KotOR or the likes, some dialogue and moments can get a little dull. Some conversations can seem to go on forever to the point of losing interest, but all in all it's a fantastic western RPG.
3 years ago#7
Dragon Age: Origins - $19.99 USD (1600MSP for GoD version, does not include Stone Prisoner or Blood Dragon Armor)
Stone Prisoner -1200MSP ($15 USD, free with a sealed retail copy, not included with the GoD version)
Blood Dragon Armor - cannot be purchased, code included with sealed retail copy, not included with the GoD version, and Origins version is included on content disc.
Warden's Keep - 560MSP ($7 USD)
Return to Ostagar - 400MSP ($5 USD)
Darkspawn Chronicles - 400MSP ($5 USD)
Leliana's Song - 560MSP ($7 USD)
Golems of Amgarrak - 400MSP ($5 USD)
Witch Hunt - 560MSP ($7 USD)
Feastday Combo Pack - 240MSP ($3 USD, includes Feastday Gifts [160MSP [$2 USD] and Feastday Pranks [160MSP [$2 USD]])
Awakening - 2400 MSP ($30 USD)

So, for the price of the vanilla game, the UE gives you it, as well as $69 USD, or $84 USD if you include Stone Prisoner, worth of content.

I would say it is well worth it, but then, I've spent ~$200 on the game (Collector's Edition [~$80 USD]+disc version of Awakening at launch [$40 USD]+download version of Awakening [1600MSP/$20 USD [iirc, believe I bought it during an DAO sale when it was discounted]]+all other purchasable content), and am debating on the GoD version of Origins (due to busted optical drive on my 360).
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Momma Eve, you will be missed.
3 years ago#8
Well I got it and its awesome! I started with a elf mage and I'm slightly regretting not being a rogue...
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