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Anyone ever determine which way worth more experience (Archived)LonerwolfM75/23 10:27AM
alistair - female human noble - loghain question (Archived)mondoshawan265/19 12:15AM
Can someone give me some guidelines for playing a Mage on Normal? (Archived)LOOOPS105/14 8:37PM
Is it possible to play as a human warrior, and not join the Grey Wardens? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Upto15125/11 5:21PM
Masks or cool headgear for mages? (Archived)LOOOPS85/10 12:33PM
Prologue affect rest of game? Please advise! (Archived)Kubania105/9 9:38AM
Welcome to the Jungle... evil beastmistress playthrough. (Archived)Stonedwolfed85/8 3:00PM
Order of main story missions and DLC (Archived)nathraxh85/7 10:59PM
Questions regarding DLC and transferring to Awakening (Archived)Neutral-bob65/7 9:47PM
Isabela question (spoilers?) (Archived)LordTrinen45/7 8:37PM
Is the Dupe Glitch still in the game? (Archived)Enderlee35/2 1:58PM
Where to start stone prisoner (Archived)MoeJade44/24 10:25AM
Morrigan's Voice Actress is on The Originals (Archived)rodman87064/22 10:45AM
mage building (Archived)NormnStansfield34/20 9:10AM
Awakening Question... do you get Rewards for completion? (Archived)Stonedwolfed34/15 9:37AM
Becoming a Blood Mage - Questions (spoilers) (Archived)BurstBear44/2 4:03AM
I need help with Final battle (Archived)cooltwou43/30 3:42PM
Someone please save me! (Archived)MikeDgtzreptct63/20 6:03PM
[Possible mild spoilers] Supported Bhelen at Orzammer, stalemate ensues. (Archived)CombatHarvester53/16 6:07PM
Newb help (Archived)CubixRube33/12 5:18PM
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