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Do I get to keep the Heart of Witherfang? (Archived)rotdrachen212/16 5:25PM
finally got to finishing all dlc ultimate edition brought ...wow.....spoilers (Archived)ANARCHYRULZ412/14 9:45PM
harsh recruitment methods in the wardens and magi circle (spoilers...maybe?) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
treos21112/14 9:42PM
First play through on Nightmare. Question. (Archived)Blaeu412/12 11:21AM
There aren't any cooldown reduction items/abilities, are there? (Archived)PyroNinja2212/9 4:55AM
Where is Wynne after you defeat Uldred? (Archived)raydioaktivman512/8 3:37PM
Does anyone know of any heavy armor sets that greatly reduce fatigue? (Archived)someclown911512/8 3:07PM
So I got the Enduring Vigil achievement, made all the upgrades... (Archived)No_one_special212/6 7:55AM
Kolgrim Is Gone (SPOILERS) (Archived)Nickclone2312/5 9:40PM
What's the main cast? (Spoilers?) (Archived)JunDageki312/4 2:47PM
Starting with a Human Mage - Regarding Skills/Talents (Archived)PraxxtorCruel512/1 9:04PM
New to this game and need help (Archived)OoAyano811/29 9:31AM
Playing mage, question about mana/stamina regen (Archived)Zanimar511/25 7:55PM
still no answer for stone aura (Archived)Ardore_Messor411/20 8:58AM
question about shield skills. (Archived)Ardore_Messor411/20 6:35AM
Leliana's backstory, which is canon? (spoilers) (Archived)phoenix1289811/18 5:34PM
Wow, looks like the game runs much smoother on the Xbox (Archived)Donmega88211/18 5:33PM
looking for ideas/feedback (Archived)Ardore_Messor611/18 6:24AM
Is it worth it ? Spoilers ok (Archived)LonerwolfM511/17 5:31PM
Landsmeet question (Spoilers ahead) (Archived)Saito_Sakaki711/14 2:16PM
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