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Leliana's backstory, which is canon? (spoilers) (Archived)phoenix1289811/18 5:34PM
Wow, looks like the game runs much smoother on the Xbox (Archived)Donmega88211/18 5:33PM
looking for ideas/feedback (Archived)Ardore_Messor611/18 6:24AM
Is it worth it ? Spoilers ok (Archived)LonerwolfM511/17 5:31PM
Landsmeet question (Spoilers ahead) (Archived)Saito_Sakaki711/14 2:16PM
Not that it's a big problem but I totall forgot (Archived)LonerwolfM111/13 2:15PM
Leliana keeps being hardened :( (Archived)phoenix1289611/11 8:39PM
useless skills? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ardore_Messor1211/9 11:50PM
Oghren (Spoilers) (Archived)RagnarTheRPGer611/9 9:07AM
Can someone explain this pic to me? (Archived)zenandi411/8 10:29PM
Rogue or Warrior for Archer? (Archived)Bearacudda98711/6 5:34AM
Haste - runs out of mana too quickly (Archived)Question2411/6 5:32AM
Is precise striking worth it? (Archived)Question2311/6 5:31AM
is there any point in the shapechanger specialization (mage)? (Archived)Bearacudda98511/5 6:08PM
One thing that always bugged me about the Magi Origin....*Mild Spoilers* (Archived)Izanagi51711/5 1:03PM
Rapid shot question (Archived)Question2111/4 10:28PM
Nightmare... First Ogre is slaughtering me! (Archived)Stonedwolfed111/3 5:26AM
Full PC Dragon Age Origin game free from Origin. (Archived)hawkwind_dragon511/1 4:04PM
Origins & much of the DLC on sale this week (Archived)Stonedwolfed910/20 1:14PM
Not able to create potioninspite of having skills and ingredients (Archived)brijester210/18 5:53PM
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