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Haste - runs out of mana too quickly (Archived)Question2411/6 5:32AM
Is precise striking worth it? (Archived)Question2311/6 5:31AM
is there any point in the shapechanger specialization (mage)? (Archived)Bearacudda98511/5 6:08PM
One thing that always bugged me about the Magi Origin....*Mild Spoilers* (Archived)Izanagi51711/5 1:03PM
Rapid shot question (Archived)Question2111/4 10:28PM
Nightmare... First Ogre is slaughtering me! (Archived)Stonedwolfed111/3 5:26AM
Full PC Dragon Age Origin game free from Origin. (Archived)hawkwind_dragon511/1 4:04PM
Origins & much of the DLC on sale this week (Archived)Stonedwolfed910/20 1:14PM
Not able to create potioninspite of having skills and ingredients (Archived)brijester210/18 5:53PM
Nightmare Difficulty *Spoilers* (Archived)RagnarTheRPGer410/18 2:59PM
Beginner with some questions (Archived)Neo_Shynru210/18 8:17AM
Broken Circle Question SPOILERS (Archived)Dienekes710/17 10:17PM
Best way to kill mages fast? (Archived)brijester410/17 2:47PM
I am going to get my face melted and handed back to me in a flask. (Archived)Stonedwolfed110/16 10:27AM
Help building my team? Self(DW Rogue), Alistair, Morrigan, Wynne (Archived)Toxicuss1010/16 4:10AM
Orzammar criers (Archived)KoRiy5000410/10 8:40PM
Which DLC gives extra followers? (Archived)AznRatL810/10 9:35AM
SPOILERS. What happened to Morrigan after Witch Hunt? (Archived)Bearacudda98310/10 3:43AM
A Few Game Mechanics Questions (Archived)RagnarTheRPGer310/9 11:30AM
Lyrium for ritual? (Archived)shadowdemon0090710/8 7:27PM
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