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What was your first (Archived)KoRiy500069/24 9:32AM
Archers and Rapid Aim *Spoilers* (Archived)RagnarTheRPGer29/20 9:25PM
Better to Stick with Sets for Bonuses, Mix and Match Equips, or Both? (Archived)RagnarTheRPGer39/20 8:41AM
mage sustained spells (Archived)Knight-Sadistik29/19 12:36PM
Reaver tanking advice for Sten (Archived)Solid_Gamer7719/17 11:50PM
auto attack char (Archived)KoRiy500049/16 3:12AM
The EA servers are no longer available (Archived)N7BigBoss79/14 6:48PM
Quick question about importing! (Archived)Dark_Epathy49/13 7:18PM
Import question (Archived)pfh100159/13 7:11PM
A Bunch of Short Questions *Minor Spoilers* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
RagnarTheRPGer269/11 9:09PM
Arcane Warrior help. Weapon type to use (Archived)KoRiy500089/11 8:12AM
2H Female City Elf Warrior (Archived)TwistMonkey19/6 8:58PM
whats more important for wynne? (Archived)KoRiy500029/6 4:29AM
Did I break Allister? (Archived)KozawahGaming19/5 6:19PM
Has anyone ever made a light armored two handed sword warrior? (Archived)VentTool19/5 8:51AM
Play more of the DLC or jump right into 2? (Archived)EarInfection49/3/2014
Comments about Darkspawn Chronicles... (Spoilers most like) (Archived)lightningS929/2/2014
Just bought and loving it. (Archived)KozawahGaming79/1/2014
Dragon Age Inquisition! Looking forward to it? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
Just bought this....Am I missing something? (Archived)rekmusik68/31/2014
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