Has Anyone Played the XBLA Games on a Standard Def TV?

#1PitKnightPosted 12/6/2008 1:00:25 AM
Upon learning about this title I was really excited, as I'm a fan of classic gaming, and a particular fan of Namco at that... However after learning that pretty much the only classic games worth caring about are Pac Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga I'm feeling a little bit less enthused about this compliation than I was... I'm on a SDTV as could probably be inferred, and anyway most of the XBLA originals really aren't appealing to me at all as a lot completely kill my eyes. After playing at least 5 demos (including Mr. Driller Online, which was probably the worst) the only one that wasn't completely awful (in terms of visuals) was Castle Crashers. I actually'd wanted to get Galaga Legions when it came out but between me not trusting DLC and the SDTV issue I never did, hence me being curious about how that game and Pacman CE might run on a SDTV... I did realize while typing this I could check out those demos for myself, but yeah if anyone could answer this that'd be great.
#2amp85Posted 12/8/2008 2:57:56 PM
I have MOST of the XBLA games (waiting on this compilation in the mail)... but all of them are totally fine on an SD... in fact, I prefer playing Pac Man CE on a SD for some reason (I think really cos of the smaller screen (my HD is huge)).
#3PitKnight(Topic Creator)Posted 12/10/2008 7:27:59 AM
I tried out both the titles I was unsure about... Pacman CE was fine, Galaga Legions I had mixed reactions to in regards to how much it caters to SDTVs... With that said though Pacman CE looks like the only title I'll actually even have the option to play a lot of as far as the newer titles go.