bad graphics or good graphics

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8 years ago#1
decide wether you think this gta game will be well planned or a rockstar failure
8 years ago#2
Judging by GTA4, graphics is a very important aspect for Rockstar. Maybe they will go with top-down view and make graphics look incredibly detailed and crisp instead of standard third person view with blocky and choppy 3D models..
Also, graphics in games is never a deciding factor for success...
"Unless its a farm!!"
8 years ago#3
I think it will be well planned and turn out to be a success, the DS is such a popular system, I can't see them putting a game that could potentially sell millions on the system if it isn't any good. We'll see in a few months though.

As for graphics, I have never played a good game that has bad graphics, could you name a few?
8 years ago#4
Deus Ex: godly game, terrible graphics
8 years ago#5
2D would work. Cell shaded would work. Low quality textures wont.
8 years ago#6
its true that graphics dont really matter but if the game looks bad it might have less sells, awsome looks would make more sells, anyone get my point??
8 years ago#7

if this is like gta advanced im not getting it. bad graphics bad gameplay. it could work like a mobile ds version of gta 2 :D

8 years ago#8
it could look like phantom hourglass or super mario 64 those games were 3d and looked damn good on the ds
8 years ago#9
im expecting 3D not 2D this is 2008 and gta would be great in 3d so if its 2d i may be put off.
8 years ago#10
^ Another ignorant statement by the same poster. Just because a game is in 2D doesn't mean it's behind the times and can't be any less fun.
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
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