Found Flamethrower, but how?

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7 years ago#1
Ok, I found a flamethrower, but I can't figure out how to reach it.

it is on the roof of a building in the construction area that is on the south end of the western island.

Help please!
7 years ago#2
could you tell where it is exactly? with a lot of detail. ?I will try with formula R
7 years ago#3
or you can do vigilante and respond to arson crimes. kill guys with flame thrower. take flame thrower. rock and roll.
7 years ago#4,707

There is a map that pinpoints the location.
7 years ago#5
Thanks for the heads up on the vigilante missions too. Might be the easier way to get this.

Soooo much to do in this game!

I still want to figure out how to get up there though.
7 years ago#6
Yes! After trying for a while I figured it out! The building is shaped like an L, right? Well, on the inside curve of the L, there is a cylinder on a platform. Line a short vehicle parallel to the bottom end of it, and start jumping diagonally to the space between it and your car. You should jump on the car, and then onto it really fast. Once you are on the cylinder, face the building and throw a Molotov or grenade at your feet behind you. The blast should propel you onto the roof.
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7 years ago#7
This game now has grenade jumping. Amazing.
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