Starting CW. Here are my thoughts on my experiences so far(mark spoilers please)

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7 years ago#1
Hello everyone, I just rented this game from gamefly, and plan to go through the entire game, and talk about it here.

I want to make it very clear that I plan to mainly stay on this topic in hopes that I can both tell about my experiences, and ask for help here without any worry of people telling me spoliers, as well as ask for help in case I'm currently stuck on something in the game.

Let me start off by saying that I'm not that big of a gta series fan, but I have gone through III, LCS, VC(but not VCS), about half of SA, and about 1/4 or so through GTAIV.

Out of out of all of those games, Niko was the only main character I actually gave a **** about, as he was the first one that wasn't either mute, or didn't feel like a One-Dimensional Badass who just happened to know how to fight well, and cared only for money, power and status. Regardless of this view I have. I still liked all of the games, and even if CW is guilty of this problem, I imagine that I'll still enjoy the game. GTAIV I just happen to like the most because of the main character.

I also need to say that I know next to nothing about the storyline or main character in this game, other than like in SA, the main character is trying to avenge a parent. As for the gameplay, I mainly have just seen a few screenshots.

I cannot stress this enough. MARK YOUR SPOILERS! When you are listing a spoiler, please try to say when the spoiler is, and please do it in a way without making the spoiler warning a spoiler in itself to me.

Anyways, that's it for now. In my next post, I'll talk about what I've done so far.
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7 years ago#2
Ok, here are my thoughts on the intro to the game.

My first thoughts as I start the game is "God! I hope the music of this game gets less annoying." Really hate it. It's not the style or genre of the music that bothers me, it's just that something about the music irritates me in a way I can't describe. The writing itself isn't that much better either. I wouldn't say that any of the GTA games have that great of a script, but this is just awful. I then told myself that as bad as the two are, the gameplay is probably going to be a ton of fun once I get to it. Also, regardless of how it's written, what happens in the intro is kinda interesting.

It starts off with the main character saying that he left what I assume was China to go to ChinaTown in Liberty City to pay his respects for his fathers death, mainly to get his interitance, but he also cared about his dad, and then meets up with someone, and they're both ambushed, his ally I assume get killed, and the main character himself barely alive, pretending to be dead so his attackers don't finish him off as the driver and passenger run out of the car as they drive it into the water.

Finally, gameplay starts. Thought it was kinda interesting how the first interactive thing you do in the game is to break a window my touching the main car window with the stylus. After getting to shore, the main character comments on how his dad would have loved what had happened to him,(Fun loving guy I see.) but he himself isn't enjoying it at all. I also thought it was kinda interesting how you hotwire cars via skrewdrivers via the stylus.

When I reached my first destination, I notice that it's not going to show the inside of the buildings, which is extremely dissapointing to me, and I imagine that it's never going to show me the insides of buildings, other than what you see on the backgrounds of when character is speaking on the lower sceen.

Anyways, Huang talks with your uncle, who says he's happy to see you alive.(although I suspect that he was the one that killed your father, but DO NOT TELL ME!) Huang says that he was hoping to be greeted by strippers in way that is supposed to be funny, but again, I feel that the script just doesn't give the affect it's supposed to. The uncle remarks that he's too like his father, and is not much of a worker.

He then asks Huang if he has the sword, but Huang of course no longer has it. The Uncle gets really upset, saying how it was meant to give his uncle a chance to take over as the leaders replacement. Huang is shocked, saying that the sword was in his family for generations, and that he can't believe that he'd just give it up for a better disposition. The Uncle tells him that it was won in a card game, and once again he talks about how it could have made him the boss of the Triads. The Uncle then says that now that Huang's dad is dead, there are more important things than tradition and personal desire.

The Uncle then tells Huang that he's rented a apartment for him, and that he should take some time off, since grief of a dead family member can get to one, and Huang comments that being shot in the head can cause one grief too, which I'll admit gave me a small smirk.

I then ran to where my apartment was, and saved the game. I liked the whole newspaper on billboard situation that I assume is shown every time you save the game, and hope that I see it every time I save in the apartment, and it changes as I progress. I also really was happy to hear that you can save the game anytime when not in a mission via your pda.
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So the arcade classics of every generation are not forgotten
7 years ago#3
Mission 2 to mission 4 spoilers!

I decided to continue on with the main storyline, and walked back to my uncles place, who said that their leader, who I now hear name of, Hsin Jaoming, is really pissed, and The Uncle is really is deep trouble with him. Huang apologizes, but asks if he's heard anything on his dad. The Uncle says that he's working on it, but the sword is more important, for the favor of Hsin is more vital to the family. Huang apologizes if he's being disrespectful, and he'd like to go after the bastards that tried to kill him(and rip their dicks off with pliers, or something like that.). The Uncle tells him that something is more important, spying on a group of undercover cops trying to stop a movie The Uncle is financing. The Uncle tells him to take his car, but to not destroy it like the car he was in before.

I got in the car, and was happy to hear that the pda in GTAIV with it being able to plot the fastest route option is back. I reach my destination, and some woman asks who Huang is. Huang tells her, and she's all "Oh, the rich kid from Hong Kong who lost the sword. Smooth!" Then cops show up, and well...I gotta say that the whole ramming cop cars to what I assume is scaring them off has got to be the easiest way to get rid of your wanted level yet in any GTA game I've played.

After evading the cop, Huang tries to hit on the girl, but she burns him. It then got exactly as much money as I did before in the last mission, a whole $50. It's making me wonder if the mission pays are going to continue to give me next to no money at all, and if I'm going to have to rely on side jobs or something. I payed for a pay n spray to repair my car, saved, and went to talk to my uncle again.

The Uncle was really upset, saying that he has no chance of become an heir now. Huang said that he might change his mind if he got the sword back. Huang said that isn't as important anymore, as some street punks are trying to take him down.

THe Uncle tells Huang to get some combat skills from a master-at-arms, and I walked to the master at arms, which turned out to be Ling herself. She asked me to show me her best punch on a practice dummy there, and I started punching it. When I started punching, I kept thinking to myself how the punching sounded like REALLY bad fake gunfire sounds. I also knew right away from almost every GTA game(mainly GTAIV) that learning all these stupid melee moves would be useless as soon as I find a decent machine gun.

Huang then started hitting on Ling again, and some really unfunny conversation occoured. Ling then Huang a pistol, and told me to try it out on the practice dummy.

After destroying the dummy, The Uncle showed up, telling us that the street punks are attacking a restraunt. Ling told Huang to get a weapon from the dumpster, and so via the stylus, I checked under all the garbage bags for a really really badly drawn pistol. I thought to myself "All the weapons in this game are gonna look this bad, aren't they?" The game then told me that weapon stashes are all over the city in red dumpster, which I know is really useful info. I then made my way with Ling to the restraunt, and what happens? Ling decides to talk, and then gets shot to death. I take out all the thugs quite easily, and get some unknown guy telling me that I took to long, and he could have been killed. Again, all I get for this is a whole $50, and I complete the mission.
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So the arcade classics of every generation are not forgotten
7 years ago#4
I like this so far... keep it up if you can. This would be a great read for first timers.
7 years ago#5
Thanks, but to be honest...

I gotta say that this game is well...really just tolerable so far. The combat doesn't seem like it's anything special from what I've seen but it's decent enough, and the script is just so freakin annoying so far. I can't think of one really likable line at all, and I'm wondering when exactly things will get better.
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So the arcade classics of every generation are not forgotten
7 years ago#6
If you're annoyed with the dialogue up to this point, I'm afraid it won't get any better. Like you said, this game is tolerable at best. I find myself continuing though. You'll find that there are other ways to hotwire cars(seems random, although the style of car prolly has something to do with it). I'm sure you've realized by now that missions won't gain you much money, but you'll soon find a way to make tons of cash. The music doesn't seem that bad to me. I mainly listen to the reggae and jazz stations. I also get a lot of hand cramps from playing this game. I have big hands and the DS lite is a bit small. You should also keep the stylus in your hand since you never know when you might need it.
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7 years ago#7
Great for a laugh.
If nothing we do means anything, then the only thing that means anything is what we do.
7 years ago#8
bumping, hoping to gain some more opinions on this.
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So the arcade classics of every generation are not forgotten
7 years ago#9
Still looking for some more opinions.
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So the arcade classics of every generation are not forgotten
7 years ago#10
Keep up the impressions m8, it's a good read. I've gone through the game twice now and I love it. There's some things I'm not too keen on like the stylus control for aiming the tank, molotovs, and grenades, not being able to whistle for a cab while running, as well as the piss poor threat detection when I click to target it should know I want to target the guy shooting at me not the random pedestrian but whatever, small details I can get over because the game is just so damn fun to tool around in.

I'm getting a kick out of reading through this though, it's a great time killer towards the end of my shift here at work and I'd certainly check up on it if you continue the play by play.
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