How to get easy strike in the bowling

#1OO_Devin_OOPosted 1/2/2010 4:40:00 PM
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#201slayerPosted 1/2/2010 6:59:29 PM
Think of strategy. Obviously you're going to need pins to knock down eachother, so your not going to aim at the middle for a definite strike.

I personally go all the way to the right, and slant the ball to get in-between the 1 and 3 pins.
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#3SullafordPosted 1/3/2010 5:26:47 AM
I move over to the right to where the next dot on the floor would be in you kept the pattern going. Then I bowl with a wicked wrist twist and curve that ball so it actually comes in and hits the front left side of the head pin.