Hidden targets for Wii Archery

#1VICKILEACONBUTPosted 1/9/2011 7:00:27 PM
On the Wii Archery,intermediate,stage 2,you are looking for the Watermelon.Look to thwe leftside on top of the footbridge.We had difficulties locating the Watermelon last night,but just about 30 minutes ago we found that Watermelon.L:ast night on the Expert level,stage 4.I was looking for a "REDTIMER" in the lava.My second arrow & I got that "RED TIMER".I got a little emotional & excited of course.My husband was so excited for me too! We both were amazed that I got that RED TIMER in the "L A V A".Locating & getting these hidden targets makes playing much more challenging & fun.We both have such a great time.This is so AWESOME!!!!
#2veniceparrishPosted 1/20/2011 4:01:32 PM
Can I ask which archery this is? Is it just called, "Wii Archery?" I know it's not Wii Resort Archery, because I've played that one and it's just aiming at a target and that's it. I'd love to play this archery as it sounds like it's a lot more fun, so I'd like to know the EXACT name of the actual game.
#3Vysion_of_booksPosted 1/21/2011 10:19:46 AM
There is a hidden item to shoot in Wii Sports Resort's archery for each target on each difficulty, twelve in all. It's far away from the bulls-eye target, so you'll have to move your aim around. They can't be seen. You'll feel like you are taking a wild shot. You'll know you are close if you shoot and the camera follows the arrow (like when you hit a '10' bulls-eye). You should be able to see the hidden target where the camera stops. It'll be a piece of fruit, cake, a clock, etc. If you hit it, you score 10 points.

See BlackSight6's FAQ here on GameFAQs for the location of each. Make sure to complete that session whenever you actually hit one, rather than quitting out of it. I've hit all but two so far.
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