Fat Princess>>>Princess Peach

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User Info: Master_Happosai

8 years ago#1
I'd hit it!

User Info: Maninstagnate

8 years ago#2
Agrees , I am Chubby Chaser so I might buy this game.

User Info: Divals

8 years ago#3
Indeed. It's nice to finally see a game with an attractive female character. :D

Beyond that, it looks like the gameplay is going to be fun too.

User Info: konfuzed

8 years ago#4
Before that though, I had just come off of a 2 week suspension for jokingly saying that I was a fetus. - Pizza_Buddy

User Info: wizzardjeff

8 years ago#5

User Info: Silik

8 years ago#6
Fat Princess>>>Fat Albert>>>>>Toad>>>>>>>>>>>>>Princess Peach.
PSN: Reef1978
GOTY: GTA4? No. MGS4? No. Fat Princess? YES!

User Info: GuestB

8 years ago#7
Princess Peach wouldn't put out even you rescued her from being a spikey turtle's sex slave a million times over. You'd think there'd be a King Mario by now.

Fat Princess on the other hand should have lower standards.
PSN: Gooong (I spelt 'Gong' wrong a long time ago but I never admitted that I was wrong, I just kept saying that I MEANT Gooong)

User Info: DPman88

8 years ago#8
*looks at picture of Fat Princess*

...Wow.....I really wanna give her a hug...
Revenge is sweet.

User Info: Bowser_Bomb

8 years ago#9
Yup, I also like the big girls. My room mate wants to get a PS3 and now I'm gonna either have to make sure he does or get one my self just so I can play this game.

User Info: params7

8 years ago#10
I agree with TC.
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