Post your Impact Mode highscore

#1Rise Of The PhoenixPosted 11/29/2008 6:09:28 AM

Easily the best part of the game. Also, has anyone figured out whether Endless, Survival and Bomber are unlockable or part of future DLC
#2Rise Of The Phoenix(Topic Creator)Posted 11/29/2008 7:15:54 AM

Don't think I'll be bettering that any time soon. *waits for 100mil+ scores to deflate his high*
#3HaisookPosted 11/30/2008 12:13:23 PM
13 million-something.

I'm not so good at this mode, but it's fun.
#4nashxyzzPosted 11/30/2008 5:29:53 PM

Amazing fun mode to play.
#5nashxyzzPosted 11/30/2008 7:38:19 PM
I just saw those modes listed. I have no idea how to unlock them unless you gotta play thru the regular mode. I'm also not sure if it goes higher but I haven't broken the 99x combo so I'm assuming it's max combo.
#6Rise Of The Phoenix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2008 12:49:23 AM

Yeah, 99x seems to be the multiplier limit. Also, I think the other modes are going to be part of DLC which just seems silly to be fair.
#7nashxyzzPosted 12/1/2008 10:36:09 PM
I've been hearing that but the only thing i'm thinking that ppl haven't checked that might unlock them is maybe play or time based. Btw, since you've reached a score that high I'm a little curious if you've noticed some of this?

1.) those blue piece walls seem to disappear at set times.

2.) the cannons seem like they are put down in the exact spots every game.

3.) I haven't lasted long enough but I think everything else is random combined with combo/time in terms of rocks and other enemies. I've notice sometimes if I sat at the first keeping combo at 1x that half the time I get those spinner ships.

Hoping this mode gets on ps3 if content is gonna be added for this game 8)
#8Rise Of The Phoenix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2008 10:57:01 PM
1. The walls do disappear after set intervals, so it's best to start using them as soon as you can set up a clean path.

2. The cannons are initially set in similar positions, but later on the positions seemed varied depending how you've cleared the previous sets. Sometimes I get the circles before the Xs, other times reverse.

3. Everything does seem to be either highly random or very well derived from the current state of the planet surface. Getting a high score depends a lot on what enemies you encounter earlier on. If you don't get the chaser bombs during the lull periods it can be a little annoying to get rid of the crawlers and spinners. Later on the whole thing just turns into a mess ^.^

Ever since I've cleared planet mode I haven't played anything but impact mode. It's just such an incredible rush! A very short burst of high dose adrenaline. I don't know how well this can be translated to SSHD because of the much sharper curvature of the planets in that. The level of speeds you achieve here would mean spinning the planet and the background a lot. It'll be crazy and psychedelic sure, but also a wee bit unplayable.

If the extra modes are unlocked by playtime I'll have a hard time unlocking them because I usually just play impact mode for a couple of minutes at a time... and nothing else on it :(
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