Developing a Mii

#1muserulzPosted 7/22/2009 4:43:53 PM

I was just wondering what decides how 'compatible' the two people you choose to mentor the Mii? I used some different combinations from my squad and my maximum compatibility was 1 out of 3, but couldn't really find a connection between what made it 1 out of 3 rather than 0 out of 3.


#2DemonKnight1983Posted 7/23/2009 11:51:51 PM
I believe it just looks at the stats.

For example, Messi and Torres are both quick strikers, so I would assume their compatibility would be great and they would add some great attacking stats to your Mii.

However, I made my player with Xabi Alonso and Torres as mentors. I think the star compatibility was 2, but the player ended up being able to play all the way from DMF to CF. His best stat was passing to begin with but it depends how he plays in those three developing matches.

My Mii ended up being a 2 star player, even though he scored a hat trick in the last game. I have no idea what it would take to make him a 3 star, let alone a 4 or 5 star!
#3SagoriousPosted 7/25/2009 3:12:43 PM
1. Compatibility is a lot to do with the positions the two players can play. By choosing a striker who can't play in midfield and a midfielder who can't play up front I doubt you'll be able to get more than two stars.

2. Compatibility is at its highest when the two coaches are fully developed.

3. The higher the compatibility rating the better the starting stats of your player.

Also you get bonus points for cooperating well with your coaches in each match.

Create your mii on the hardest difficulty and basically make him/her play as well as you can.
I usually have a 5 star player after 2 matches.
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