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7 years ago#1
Hi, has anyone managed to complete champions road?

I've completed all the tournaments and developed Mii players but I'm still only 95% on the missions!

Has anyone managed to get 100%? If so please tell me how.

7 years ago#2
I am up to 96% on missions. Do you have 'Acquired 1000 players' yet? That was the most recent one I got that moved me up to 96%. I'm pretty sure I'm missing two now, based on the money needed to build the last facility.

I just passed the 2000 goal mark, and that is not a mission. My next bets for possible missions are 500 games (I'm at around 450), 500 wins, or 2500 goals.

Other things I have accomplished which are not missions:
create three 5 star mii players
a mii player scores 500 goals

I have 92 skills acquired (that is a stat they have listed on the team information page, but I haven't seen any earlier missions with that as a requirement).

I too would appreciate hearing about any other missions anyone has found.

7 years ago#3
Ok, I just hit 98% on the missions. The one I just got was played 500 games. Only one left. My best candidates right now are the following:
1) Won 500 games (seems unlikely though as no other winning ones) (I'm 55 wins off))
2) Scored 2,500 goals (I'm about 200 off)
3) Acquired 100 skills (I'm at 95) - though this one is just a guess for the reason that it is on the team stats page.
7 years ago#4
Ok - latest update. Still at 98%. I've gotten over 2500 goals, so that is not one. I was convinced that getting 100 skills would be one, but sadly I just reached that mark tonight and it was not one.

I'm about 50 goals from having one player get 1000 goals. And I'm 14 wins from 500 wins. However, I see no reason why either of these would be the last mission, given that there was not an earlier milestone like either one of these (e.g. win 100 games).

So now I am pretty much completely clueless as to what else it could be, besides something ridiculous like played 1000 games or scored 5000 or 10000 goals. I may have to give up if it's not one of my two guesses above. Plus there's PES 2010 to focus on.

Has anyone played a lot of invitation matches with friends online? I wondered if that could be one.

As a note I discovered a new Gold skill - called the Devil. If you have a WF who gets wing player, and then aggressive dribbler - you can get this one. I think you need pretty high pace and dribble though. Try Ronaldo or Lisagawski.
7 years ago#5
Frustration has set in. It's not 1000 goals from one player nor 500 wins. I'm at around 560 games played in total, nearing 3000 goals scored, 101 skills learned, and a lot of supporters (7.5 million or billion or whatever it is). Yet still no last hidden mission. I fear it could be either 5000 goals or 1000 games played, both of which I am barely over halfway to, and I think it unlikely I will reach those.
7 years ago#6

I just did a quick google search looking for any site that had a list of missions and found nothing so I guess you're on your own unfortunately. I am yet to play champions road, too busy making the A-League from scratch and playing the world cup atm lol but it seems interesting so i'll give it a go once i'm done.

7 years ago#7
Ok, I have done it - 100%

Last mission is Acquire all skills. There are 107 skills to be acquired, and the place to find out about them is at

The ones I was missing were General, Hulk, Beast, Intelligent, Fantasista and Speed off the last defender. I recommend starting early on the gold skills after you have 5 star players and all the facilities, as some of the skills take awhile to develop. Also note you need 85 strength to get Beast, which it doesn't say. You also don't seem to need Long Pass to get Intelligent. Don't forget the more useless skills like super sub and long throw-ins too.

Good luck!
7 years ago#8

mad, congratz on getting there finally but also thanks for posting so everyone else knows what to do.

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