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User Info: Oswald84

5 years ago#1
I've seen the trailers. i've heard the buzz, both good and bad. i want this game. My question is this. I'm rather new to hearing about the game, but as i've heard, it's been around(in development) for a long time. is this going to be a disc based game or a downloadable game. Just wondering if I have to go to Gamestop or PSN Store to pick it up. Also would make a difference on price, and I'd very much like to know. Thnx.
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User Info: Catalyst_black

5 years ago#2
Download only title for now it seems. And yup since it'll be download only title it might be discounted a bit. Might retail around the $40 range.
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User Info: KillerJuan77

5 years ago#3

It's going to be a PSN game, probably it's going to cost over 10-15 dollars.

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