Number of arrows?

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3 years ago#1
Just wondering how many arrows you guys have come across whislt playing the game I've got 5, the one you start with, found 3 on the boat and then 1 in the amusement park. Are there Anymore laying about?
3 years ago#2
...there's 3 on the Boat? I've only ever gotten the starting Arrow, and the one in the Amusement Park.

Wait, are you playing on Survivor or Normal? I've only ever played on Survivor, and Normal is supposed to have a lot more supplies available.
3 years ago#3
When i found the 3 on the boat I was on normal, just replayed it on survival and they aren't there, could only find the 1 at the amusement park like you said.
3 years ago#4

dang, I thought I searched the boat pretty well, but did not find those arrows. Just the one at the amusement park... that definitely would have helped! I was on Normal btw.

3 years ago#5
Hm, same for me, I only found 1 in the amusement park and was playing on normal. I thought I searched the boat very thorough as well...
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