So angry at 2 Food Cans victim

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3 years ago#1
So I gave the victim 2 of my Food Cans so she could live when Mei and I traveled through line 4...when you travel through line 2, which is where you drop in the hole from line 4 with Mei, escorting Mei's mother you come up to the sewer system again where the victim is in the back. Only now she committed suicide...wasted my food....
Game Tag - Brokaliv
3 years ago#2
I noticed that too. What a waste. The fool hung herself.
3 years ago#3
Haha that was a pretty jolting surprise....I didnt think about her "wasting" ur food till now though lol.
3 years ago#4
If you like, you can choose to believe that after you gave her food, a gang came through, realized she had food, mucked her up, hung her, and took it...'s plausible. I mean, it's never confirmed that she hung herself, and based on the cannibals in the sewers and the rapists in the Hotel, why not?
3 years ago#5
Wow she still kills herself?! Holy crap, I felt so guilty when I saw her hung because I was thinking "yes! I get a second chance to help her!", because the first time through the train station I ended up consuming one of the food cans and only had 1.
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