I Am Alive sequel.. *Spoilers Warning*

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First of all, 1st post ever after signing up to share my passion for this game.
So greetings Gamefaqs! =)

Basically this thread is to share ideas on how they could structure or improve on this setting with a sequel.

My ideas..

Play as Adam from the original 'I Am Alive' trailer, who crosses paths at some point with the protagonist from the first game... OR.. still play as the same protagonist and cross paths with Adam at some point.
If starting as the same protagonist, the game should start at the docks where you leave Linda and Mei.
Ultimately, it would be awesome if they made it a post-apocalyptic RPG. (No one say fallout because it's totally different).
A combination of a 3rd person action/adventure, 1st person shooting mechanics, an assassin's creed style climb system and shade cover system from Splinter Cell.
All these combinations just scream for this to be an RPG.

Points for RPG:
1. Can give characters..
- More depth
- Better dialog interaction
- The ability to gain companions
- Diversity in personality and looks
2. There's already an inventory system, this could be expanded upon, gaining the ability to pick up pieces of clothing and armor, so instead of having to use combat armor straight away, you can choose when to equip it.
3. There's so much potential for background information on 'The Event'. It's been a year since so you can find journals and other sorts of information around that could give you side missions etc...
4. The 1st game was already semi sandbox style, in that you could travel wherever you want, evident by victim 8 not receiving the apple until towards the end of the game.
5. You could set up bases, for instance in the 1st game I thought it would have been good if you could return to Henry's place whenever you pleased and have conversations with Henry, Mei and Linda. So for the sequel certain survival camps could be bases where you can store things and talk to people and help certain survivors.

Points against RPG;
1. The character would most likely be pre-determined (Adam or protagonist), that means no customization ability, however this isn't always a bad thing and can save them time and room on the game for other things.
2. It would be hard to have enough room for everything making it an RPG would bring.
Though they could just make it more then one disc.. Make it 3, I couldn't get enough of this game! Such a great combination of ideas and mechanics. Fav moment was climbing through the building on its side.

The ending was a bit disappointing, but I just recently finished Mass Effect 3 so I handled it well.
Mostly, it just made me eager to see a sequel! =)
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Those all sound like great ideas. Here's hoping for a sequel.
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I want both a prequel and a sequel the game just starts from nowhere and it stops right when I started getting into the game, I'm really disappointed that this didn't come out as a full title game like it was suppose to. It has soooo much potentially as a series
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