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Trusty Sidearm (Archived)DarkRiku86210/24/2011
If you die can you reload your save and have it count for the achievement? (Archived)TheSandWraith28/20/2011
Regarding the Conservationalist Achievement (Archived)lSugaRushl45/10/2011
The cover art for this game is incredible. (Archived)M_Live11/12/2011
Destroyer Achievement (Archived)somewhat117112/9/2010
When does Gamer's Day tick when you get it? (Archived)Cactuar1010/26/2010
I think I just found the Best place for Beginner Farming. Check it out (Archived)Se7enthrust310/2/2010
The acheivements in this game are stupid. (Archived)Pimsbury59/23/2010
Wow! Not what I expected! (Archived)Se7enthrust59/6/2010
The Adventures of 16bit X! Sprite Comic (Archived)velear19/3/2010
Superhero Galaxy Man stage problem (Archived)IBurningStar48/24/2010
Conservationist and Peacekeeper question... (Archived)
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Can the mystery item bring you an item that you can't use? (Archived)High_Card78/17/2010
C/D: It took you a while to realize you could charge the Magma Bazooka (Archived)DZ98718/13/2010
Another World Warrior question... (Archived)deadbk28/9/2010
I never played a MegaMan game before (Archived)action123437/28/2010
This picture completely and accurately describes my feelings about Galaxy Man. (Archived)Webstedge37/19/2010
Question about getting this. (Archived)shanetm66/27/2010
Question about peacekeeper achievement (Archived)blacklabel35734/26/2010
Best level for "Grinding" bolts and lives (easy collecting) (Archived)celesty54/20/2010
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