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How do I unlock the wily stages in time attack mode (Archived)Jeeexo12/11 5:39PM
point of beating the game in Hero, SH, and Proto mode? (Archived)ID1522/8/2012
Megaman 9 vs. DK Country Returns (difficulty wise) (Archived)jstewart01110/8/2011
For those who are buying this from the UK (maybe other regions too) PSN (Archived)MrSmadSmartAlex19/18/2011
Did Capcom ever patch trophy support into this game? (Archived)slk_2329/14/2011
there is how to clear the challenges with Proto Man? (Archived)MatheusCB18/15/2011
This game is ****ing AMAZING (Archived)BonnabinTheDire26/24/2011
Is it just me or does Jewel Man's stage seem really dull for a 'gem' theme. (Archived)Zetta_Man15/7/2011
Really Loving This Game (Archived)SlickDakota35/7/2011
Kinda late getting here... (Archived)The___Hope72/27/2011
(Humor) - Mega Man Officially Runs out of Nouns (Archived)NobleEskimo11/18/2011
Dear Lord this game is hard... (Archived)Flame_Thrower_610/15/2010
The Adventures of 16bit X! Sprite Comic (Archived)velear19/6/2010
uhm..wait a minute... (Archived)BigTee6618/31/2010
Rankings problem (if anyone even still goes to this board...) (Archived)DarkChaos414/24/2010
This game is harrdddd (Archived)dooglies64/14/2010
Has anyone else noticed... (Spoilers?) (Archived)SirGouki14/14/2010
Notice a major difference between MM9 & MM10 (Archived)J-Fly34/14/2010
So this came out in 2008? (Archived)fullyloaded200454/11/2010
Do I want any of the DLC? (Archived)gamerkim2834/11/2010
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