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6 years ago#1
But 9 is an awesome game! Just got it two weeks ago and am really enjoying it.

Got 98% of the challenges (damn Mr. Perfect... lol) and my time down to 25:21 (35th) so far. Hope to crack the top 20 soon!

Also bought 10 but haven't played yet. I'll get to it in March.
6 years ago#2
10 is pretty good but 9 definitely had the Megaman feel to it. I'm glad that you enjoyed the game!!
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6 years ago#3
Yeah, played through 10 as well yesterday, and it was pretty cool. 9 is the superior game IMO though. Who knows maybe that will change in time. 9's weapons are very well balanced though. And I LOVE that they got rid of the charge, slide, etc. 3 and on were cool, but back in the day 1 and 2 were always my favorites.

Got my time in 9 to 35th, but can't seem to bring it down anymore. Eh, I'll get there.
6 years ago#4

They Should not have gotten rid of the Charge or the slide, Hopefully it will return in Mega Man 11. The Slide was really cool & the Charge Shot in 5 was awsome. Bring it Back in Mega Man 11. Mega Man should be out by the end of 2011 hopefully.

6 years ago#5

Mega Man 9 is Hard. It taking me over 15 hr. to beat all 8 stages. The bosses were not hard but to them were extreme. I played 10 on easy just to see what to expect. 9 does not have a easy mode. I i'm on first wily stage & it's hard to get past 3 lave flows going side ways in 3 seconds. I have figured out how to get past them but wow. I can't waqit to see stage 2. I paid 9.99 for each of them & they were worth every sent. I just wish that they would make 3-8 availabe for download on the PS3. I Downloaded Mega Man 1 & 2 but Japanese tex is frustrating but that really does not mater.

6 years ago#6
I have to disagree with bringing back the charge. There really is no reason. All it does is makes the game easier. I love balance of weapons in 9. The trident shot is basically a charged mega buster anyway. It also takes very little energy to use.

The slide I don't really mind either way. If they bring it back fine, but I'm cool with it gone.

Then again, part one is still my favorite in the series (except for the SLOW climbing of ladders) but to each their own.
6 years ago#7
You don't have 3 downloadable in the US? I'm in Japan and its available here. You should get it eventually.

I don't think 9 was hard at all. There are a few tricky jumps, but that's about it IMO. More than anything, I just think it is a TON of fun to play. I'm cool with there either being an easy mode or not in Mega Man games. I refuse to use any of them so it doesn't effect my gaming.

For the room that you mentioned with the three lava beams, just enter the room, IMMEDIATELY jump above the first one on the left, shoot out a rush jet, and fly diagonally up and right to the ladder.

Thinking about videoing a speed run, but my best clear time is still only 25:21 (ranked 35th). There are several others better than mine floating around, so not sure if posting has any
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