Will I be able to run this game off an External Hard Drive?

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5 years ago#1
Just as the topic title infers, I'd like to know if you guys have any experience running large MMOs off an external hard drive with any success. I have a Mac and really want to eventually get this game, but I can only emulate Windows on boot camp and I would need an external hard drive to have enough space to store the game. Also, the current Macbook cannot use a firewire, which I heard can increase the speed of data flow from the external drive. Anyone have any tips for this?
5 years ago#2
should be fine
5 years ago#3
Buy a PC
XBL: HardGoodbye88
5 years ago#4
Thanks for the helpful post Jabroni....>_>

I'd rather not drop a few hundred on a new PC that will will probably self-destruct in a few years. Seriously, that's what happened to my former Vista laptop. It would try to download updates, fail to restart itself, and proceed to bluescreen ad nauseum.

Unless Windows 7 has changed everything I'll stick with my mac and Windows XP ;p
5 years ago#5
Working on slowly building a new pc for myself by time this comes out. Hopefully it will hold out longer than this laptop
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5 years ago#6
Yep any game boots fine off a External Hard Drive in my experience. As long as you use it on the same computer you installed through.
I don't like being 'that guy'.
5 years ago#7
Running games off of an external hard drive will work, but it will not run well. USB external drives may read perfectly fine but writing is terribly slow and MMO's tend to write a lot of small files and then delete them, write them, delete them, etc.

I'd consider a new hard drive for the mac or trying to resize that mac hard drive.

The better option is getting a new PC... Windows 7 is a huge improvement over Vista, which was terrible.
5 years ago#8
Ha, just goofing around. I'll make a helpful post.

I hear ya on the PC thing. Honestly, a similar thing happened with my HP - it was a hardware rather than a software failure. I seriously considered a Mac. Then I looked at the specs for the price. Realized I could pretty much buy 2 PCs for the price of one Mac, comparably specced. So I thought, even if my comp does poop the bed, I could buy another one and still come out ahead of the Mac - and as much as Apple would like to tell you so, there's no guarantee they won't poop the bed either. I do have Windows 7 and enjoy it, fixed a lot of Vista's issues. I think a lot of what I hated was actually the brand I had rather than PCs in general. HPs have been giving PCs a bad name in particular.

But if you're set on doing that, I think you should be fine. I wouldn't skimp on my hard drive - don't go with some no-name brand. I don't know a ton about hard drives but I believe you want "access time" or "seek time" which basically says how long it takes to find files.

Another tip/question - how big is the onboard HD on your Mac/what's on it? You can move a lot of stuff to the cloud - Amazon for example will host all your music for free. And then you can clear that off or move it to an external. That's not as dependent on quick access for performance. I know you're using Bootcamp to partition, but it's possible you could still install TOR to your main drive and move your other stuff to cloud/external. Client is estimated to be 35-40 GB for reference purposes.

Hope that helps, buy a PC (jk)
XBL: HardGoodbye88
5 years ago#9
I played wow on my schools dells with an external hd and it worked fine. I can't say about your situation though.
5 years ago#10
The funny thing about macs....is that now, they use the same architecture/hardware as most PCs...

The only thing you're getting from buying a Mac is the ability to run the OS on a very particular kit of hardware that is no better than what is running on PCs.

Basically you're paying 3x the money for Mac OS. Even if Mac OS is pretty good for a few things, it will never be a gaming platform when they keep to their little niche market.
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