How do you respec?

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5 years ago#1
Not your advanced class, of course, but your skill points. None of my class trainers offer the ability.
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5 years ago#2
major cities have more npcs in them apparently with more vendor options, etc.
respec is one such option. i dont think you will find them on the origin planet or the 2nd world/area because you kinda just started to invest points into your character. :)

if im running around today, ill try to confirm.****inlEEeeeee [replace ***** rhymes with cluckin]
5 years ago#3
Hey, I found it. For the Republic, at least.

In the fleet, there's a vendor in the class trainer district named Leuro-Khian. He will refund your skill points for free (probably will cost something come release).
Dude, did you just get ****blocked by Bob Saget?
5 years ago#4
you solved your own thread.. that's not allowed. :)****inlEEeeeee [replace ***** rhymes with cluckin]

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