What does the Expertise Rating and Alacrity Rating on PvP gear do?

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Expertise is basically WoW's resilience, and alacrity is haste
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what does resilience do? I'm not a WoW player
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Imagine if you could hover over the stats and the game would, like, tell you their effects or something. WoW had that, I'm surprised no other games thought of implementing that. Maybe even extra information like how much + to a stat you have and exactly how much it changes the things it changes
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From what I've read, Expertise increase damage/healing dealt to players while reducing damage taken from players. From a PvP point of view this probably does nothing overall as it may even everything out but from a PvE point of view you'll be running around with a useless stat. As far as I can tell this is so people with PvP gear won't be 100% as effective as people in equivalent PvE gear.

Alacrity decreases the cast/channeling time of various abilities. Note though for channeling abilities it won't decrease the amount of ticks you'll get but rather increase the frequency that those ticks come in. Whether or not it will also increase the frequency of DoTs/HoTs ticks I'm not sure.
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While were on the subject of confusing stats.....armoring in particular confuses the hell out of me. I had the inquisitor robes which had a defense of 40 but suddenly the unique robe I got from the quest for revans mask, when modded, was over 100 more defense. Yet the original number was still 7 defense...lolwtf
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