where is the new marauder and sentinel vedors?

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  3. where is the new marauder and sentinel vedors?
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1. No idea what you're talking about.

2. Bumping three times in such a period doesn't help, since it was probably at the top of the list each time you bumped it, making the bump worthless. You could, actually, be modded for "mass bumping." Just a heads-up.
4 years ago#5
sorry about that.. im a noob when it comes to posting on forums and stuff... what im talking about is in the vendor section of the patch notes... it says they have added vendors for marauders and sentinels
4 years ago#6
Probably talking about the legacy ones. In that case, check Drommund Kaas, in the middle of Kaas City for the Marauder one (it's for warriors) and I'm not sure where the Jedi equivalent one is.
4 years ago#7
There are legacy vendors on the Fleet and on core worlds I have only explored their location on DK they are right before the stairs to the marketplace on the left. Each class has their own vendor for legacy gear and such. You can also check the light side dark side vendors to see if they added in gear there and the worst case scenario they should be in the rough general area as those vendors.
4 years ago#8
thanks for info
4 years ago#9
those arent the vendors.. it says in the patch notes under the Vendor section that they added marauder and sentinal vendors to the fleet.. but i cant seem to find them
4 years ago#10
Yeah I'm wondering where this is too. At the DS/LS vendors, there are just boots and gloves. If that's really all they did then that wasn't even worth putting in the patch notes. They make it seem like there is a new vendor specifically for Marauders.
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  3. where is the new marauder and sentinel vedors?

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